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Book Review : What Would Freida Kahlo Do

Back at it again with another book review, and for me this is a little bit different than my usual book choice, but I thought is was appropriate for the new year.

What Would Freida Kahlo Do by Arianna Davis, was part of my January 2021 book of the month box, and it was a choice inspired by the new year. Part biography part inspirational advice, part gudie to life, What would Fredia Kahlo do, tells the life story of the artisit in a way that is not only assessable but in a way that is not boring. Biographies, at times for me can be a little dry, but the biographical parts of this book read as entertaining and fresh. While telling the stories of Fredia’s life Davis also injects plausible bits of wisdom and advice that you can apply to all asepcts of you life (even you social media life!)

I enjoyed this book. I liked that the chapters were brief and quick. This was the most I have ever learned or read about Fredia Kahlo, but I iked learning about the woman behind the name, and researching the art that she created throughout her life.

This is a book that is perfect for the start of a new year or whenever you are trying to jumpstart your life.

Zuhri’s Final Thoughts

Star Rating : 3 Stars

Book Club Reccoemendation : No

Reading Scenaro : When its time to start or restart your life.

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