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Book Review: This Close to Okay

Back at it again, with another book review, and I am so excited to share talk about this book with you. After some reading slows in November, I am beyond happy to be getting into this reading high with you with This Close to Okay being the first book of December.

This Close to Okay is by Lessa Cross-Smith and you know that Lessa Cross-Smith has been one of my favorite authors since reading, So We Can Glow by her earlier this year, and This close to Okay did not disappoint and only worked to solidify why I love her books so much.

This Close to Okay is a rich, lush story that feels like putting on the thickest coziest sweater on a cold winter day. It is the story of Tallie and Emmett who meet at a crossroads of both of their lives and takes place over a rainy weekend.

This book was so good. Other than being beautifully and richly written, the characters of Tallie and Emmett are so densely written and are full-fledged 3d characters l loved them and the way their relationship blossoms and the way it leads to their individual growth in a wonderful way. As much as I liked Tille and Emmet as characters, I did feel like Tallie was a bit too nosy and involved as a therapist. She broke so many professional boundires with Emmett by giving him subtle therapy without his consent, and by invading his privacy by reading his sucicide letters, and of corse he gets her back, but as someone who practiced as a therapist, Tallie should have known better. Also Emmett needed so much help and love the way that the development of their relationship fostered his ability to do so.

I loved this book, the connection and the meaning of how life can grow and change withinthe corse of a couple of days and gold old fashioned human connection.

This is a 5 star read and this a much needed book in your collection.

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Rating- 5 stars

Book Club Reccoemendation - Yes!

Reading Scenario - Cold winters day cuddled up with a blanket, a fuzzy sweater and cup of hot coca.

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