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Book Review: The Worst Best Man

So July has been a slow reading month for me so far, and that's okay! So I am back with the first book review for July and I am very happy that it was The Worst Best Man, by Mia Sosa. I am really glad to be amplifying a book by a woman of color with an Afro-Latina love interest.

Let's get into the book!

The Worst Best Man is the story of Lina, a jilted bride and wedding planner who gets the chance to interview (and compete) for her dream job at just the right moment in her life. The only thing that stands in her way that she is required to work with the brother of her ex-fiancee who was the one who convinced her ex-fiancee to leaver her at the alter. This is a story of them not only working together but of course, falling in love with each other. After all, what's a good rom-com without someone falling in love?

The Worst Best Man is an adorable little romcom that I loved. It is full of funny moments, and cute sweet moments between Lina and Max, (who for some of the novel, Lina is trying to enact petty revenge against.). The minor side characters are just as great as well. Lina's family members and assistant Jeleana are funny, and Max's relationship with Dean is hilarious. The Worst Best Man is a lifetime romcom on paper and better because it loves that isn't between two white people. That was another part that I enjoyed that Lina was Afro-Brazilian and talked about it and looked like it. It's always great to see diversity in romance novels.

Honestly, there was nothing that I didn't enjoy about this book. It's a sweet book that is easy on the brain and made (at least me) smile. I would read any other stories that spin-off from any of the characters in this book easily. So I will be keeping my eye out for things like that.

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Rating: 4.5 Stars

Reading Scenario: Sunday afternoon in bed. This is the perfect little read for a day in bed just reading a book.

Book Club Reccomendation : This book is so sweet and simple, I don't think it would be a good book club read because it wouldn't create that much discussion. It's sweet and cute. It's a great personal read not so great when reading with others.

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