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Book Review: The Wedding Party

OMG! This book is so cute! Cute Alertness all of the way.

Alright, y'all clearly we are doing another book review today and obviously, it is a super cute romance novel. Today I am talking about, The Wedding Party by Jasmine Guillory. It is the third book in a series of companion novels. Before reading The Wedding Party, I didn't know that the story was the third in the series, but not reading the previous two novels didn't impact my reading of this book or leave without any information.

Anyway, The Wedding Party is the story of Maddie and Theo. Maddie is a stylest and Theo works in PR for the mayor's office and they both end up in the bridal wedding party for their friend Alexa. Maddie as a bridesmaid and Theo as a bridesman. Both of them have a sort of mutual hate of each other because of a bad first meeting where Theo offended Maddie's career choices. This is the story of how they turned from hook-up buddies to two people in love.

Let me start off by saying that Theo is the cutest nerdiest hero that I have ever read about in my romance novel life so far, and I loved it. His character is so adorable from the way that he cares about Maddie and Alexia that reads authentic and cute, to the way that he is particular about the way he makes alcoholic drinks. I mean who wouldn't want a handmade alcoholic beverage? And this book definitely made me want to be able to get a manhattan. Other than Theo's adorable nerdiness, I also enjoyed Maddie as a character. I liked how passionate she was and how much she cared about clothes and how it changed people's lives. Plus her mom is a social worker in a hospital (Just Like Me!) So that won her points automatically in my book and makes me excited to read her mom's story as well.

The plot of the story was also cute, adorable, and enjoyable for me. Maddie and Theo's unexpected hook up and once they do so, it turns into more secret hookups, and then pretty much dating in secret. Their whole goal is to keep it all from their friend Alexia. Eventually, it turns into less hooking up and more love as they start turning to each other in times of need and emotional stress. Basically every minute of this read was adorable and I ended up finishing this book in a day because of the cuteness of it. I also liked the diversity in this book as all of the characters were different colors and even better the characters were in their thirties which was extra bonus and enjoyable after all love is not only for your twenties.

Zuhri' s Final Thoughts

Star Rating: 5 Stars. I mean it was extra cute no way it could be anything else?

Reading Scenario: Reading a warm summer afternoon in bed.

Book Club Recommendation: Yes I would recommend this book for a book club, hell the whole series I mean wouldn't it be a bunch of fun to read the whole thing in a group?

Stay tuned for more book reviews with the rest of the books in the series!

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