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Book Review: The Wedding Date

I love Jasmine Gullory. I am officially a stan in the way that I was previously only a stan for Taylor Jenkins Reid. Seriously, I have to read everything by this woman, and The Wedding Date solidified that for me.

So, The Wedding Date is the second book by Jasmine Gullory that I have read and is actually the first book in her wedding series of companion novels by her. The first one that I read and loved was the Wedding Party, whose review you can find here, and I loved it enough to want to give the series a shot from the beginning. And spoiler alert, I loved the Wedding Party, and now love Jasmine Gullory as an author as well. Anyway, let me quit my rambles and get into the review.

The Wedding Date is the original story in the series and tells the love story Drew and Alexa. It is as cute as a rom-com can be and starts off with Drew and Alex meeting in an elevator and then Drew asking Alea to be his date to his ex-girlfriend's wedding. This encounter is the beginning of a relationship between these two as they navigate being honest about their feelings, race (Alexa is black and Drew is white), and insecurity.

Similarly, to the Wedding Party, I enjoyed the amount of diversity in this book. I especially enjoyed the fact that Alex and Drew had conversations about race and white privilege, something that I think is authentic and happens in real life interracial relationships. I enjoyed the ways in which they feel in love from the wedding, to Drew moving to be closer to Alexa and all of their little adventures in between. However, I was more than annoyed and more than over Alexa's insecurities throughout the whole novel. Like for someone who is a high-powered woc who works for the mayors office, in private she is surprisingly insecure. Almost annoyingly so, so much so that the whole insecure heroine because she is short and cubby and not tall, thin, and blonde thing got real old real fast. Plus at a character who is clearly over 30 her childish outburst because of her insecurities were a little stale for me as well. But you can't like everything about every character. And not to harp on Alexa, but drew was just as extra with his own issues and acting out on patients, and his friend Carlos because he didn't know how to communicate with Alexa. Like where is your professionalism sir?

Nonetheless, I still enjoyed the story overall. I still love these characters and the writer, and I can't wait to read the other books in the series. Right now it stands with The Wedding Party, being number one, what can I say, I love me some Theo, and with The Wedding Date coming in second. It will be interesting to see how the rankings change as I read the other novels in the series which I am extremely excited for.

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Rating: 4 Stars

Reading Scenario: An afternoon lunch hour at a Panera bread or Panera bread-like setting is perfect for this little novel.

Book Club Recommendation: Yes

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