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Book Review : The Right Swipe

Ah So Cute!

Seriously, The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai is so cute I have to say it again before I getting into the book review itself. So cute, Alright that's my last time saying that before getting into the real review.

The Right Swipe is the adorable story of Rhiannon, who is a tech executive who is the creator of an app called crush which is similar to the bumble app in real life, and Sampson a retired football player who becomes the face of a website similar to match.com due to his familial connections. They are a steamy one night stand turned sort of rivals, who quickly turn into something more, something deeper but both have to get over their respective insecurities and baggage first.

Now let me say again, this story is so cute. It's so sweet and I love the type of hero that Sampson is. I liked the way that he gave Rhiannon space when she needed it and was as understanding to her as he could be because of her relationship baggage. His character was so sweet, loving, and protective as well. I also enjoyed the fact that Alisha Rai gave him his own journey and hanging ups to get over with being an ex-nfl player and then becoming an advocate for CTE. By having Sampson have issues and hang-ups of his own made him an overall more realistic character. I also liked the choice of Alisha Rai to make Sampson, Samoan. I think this is one of the first times I have read a romance novel with interracial characters where one of them is not white. So a win for diversity here.

Speaking of diversity, this novel is full of it which is amazing, awesome, and a huge plus as far as I am concerned. All of the characters were various races and sexualities which is great for representation. Another factor of diversity for this novel was in terms of age. I liked that Rhiannon, as a heroine was over 30 and damn near 40, showing that love is across the age spectrum and not something that has to happen before 30 or else that's a wrap.

The other major thing that I enjoyed was that Rhiannanon was a smart, independent, prickly woman. I love a good prickly heroine because I relate to them a little more as a prickly person myself. Makes me feel like one day even as prickly as I can be that one day, I can find love too. (And isn't that the point of a romance novel?)

Basically I loved this book.

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Rating: 4.5 Stars

Reading Scenario: A cool summer evening, a glass of wine in hand relaxation mood activated.

Book Club Recommendation: No. I don't think that this book would create much conversation in a book club format. For me, this is better as an individual read.

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