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Another day another book review

Another day another book review. ing The Proposal by Jasmine Gulliory. Now The Proposal is the third book in her series that I have read, you can find my reviews on the Wedding Date and the Wedding Party here and here. Technically in the series of companion novels, The Proposal is book 2 in the chronological order.

Anyway, The Proposal is the story of Carlos and Nik. Now, Carlos is introduced in the Wedding Date as the best friend of Drew. The love story here begins with Nik being proposed to at Dodger's stadium by her boyfriend and then saying no to said proposal on the jumbotron. This is a typical friend to lovers, slow burn, type of romance novel. Love suddenly hits you in the back of the head before you realize what you are doing the type of romance novel. But it is a gem of a story.

I enjoyed this book it was super sweet. I liked Carlos as a character and a romantic lead. He was sweet, cooked, and respectful of Nik's boundaries and needs up until the point when he realized he loved her and everything turned into a bit of a mess. But overall, he was an A+ character and romantic lead. I also liked the character of Nik Nik was a great strong don't take shit female lead and I loved that. I loved that she was about her business, and was not going to let anyone or anything standing in her way of that. I liked that she wanted to take the boxing class, and I liked that she was a writer. Nik was a tad annoying when she was not willing to recognize her feelings. but that type of thing always annoys me. But I also liked Nik's friends a lot. Courtney and Dana were fabulous characters and I wonder if the author plans to add their own love stories to the series.

Honestly, there was not much about this book that I didn't enjoy. It did feel a little slow at times, as in the story did not have to go on as long as it did. Like it could have been a short story and been just as sweet and just as cute. And now I am way more interested in a Dana love story and a Courtney cupcake love story.

So, there are two more books currently in the series of complain novels which I will be reading and reviewing soon, so stay tuned.

My current ranking is :

  1. The Wedding Party

  2. The Proposal

  3. The Wedding Date.

I can't wait to see how the rankings change with the other two novels and perhaps even a few future ones.

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Rating: 4 Stars!

Reading Scenario: Anytime you are in the mood for a cute little read, is the perfect scenario for this book.

Book Club Recommendation: Yes. This whole series is perfect for a book club.

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