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Book Review- The Night Circus

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern is book number 4 on the quest to the big 50 for books read in 2020. For more information on my 2020 book challenge or to be able to get my ratings on books earlier, you can find me on Goodreads here.

So at this point in a book review, I would normally provide a summary of the book....but look I can't. I cannot tell you what this book is about outside of two magicians competing for some reason, in a circus as they slowly (painfully slowly) fall in love. This book review is going to cross over into the ranting category, so if you are not in the mood for a book rant, check out other book-related posts by typing book into the search bar or wait for my next book review. You can also find my ongoing book list here for other book-related materials.

Anyway, I can't tell you what this book was really about, as it didn't seem to have a plot. It was an incredibly slow book that didn't get interesting until the last 100 pages which is horrible considering the fact that the book is like 500 pages. I had to get through 400 pages of crap to feel some excitement, which was brief and then over. This book is heavy on the description, so heavy that there is no plot. There were also a few annoying things about the writing style as well. The book was written in 3rd person with an omniscient narrator. Which on its own is fine, but add to this that each chapter jumped from not only time (ie, 1891 to 1900 to 1880), but it also jumps character. One chapter is one year and is talking about Celia, the next its 10 years into the future and talking about Marco. Even this wouldn't have been so bad, but then other characters begin to be added to this mix, and it becomes even harder to read this book and find out who is significant and why.

More than anything I think the most annoying part of the book was not only the time jumps, so going from one decade to another each chapter, but the fact that the time jumps also including the switching of characters.

My only question about this book is why. Why the challenge, why the heavy descriptions, why the non-plot, just why.

I finished the book, not understanding the point of the challenge or why anything in the book happened, cause let's be honest most of the stuff that happens in this story doesn't actually need to happen for any reason.

Mostly this book took a significant amount of brainpower for me to finish it. To get through the heavy, word vomit, muddly pages to get to the wonderful story that is in the last few hundred pages. As wonderful and as enjoyable as that part of the story was, it's not worth the labor that must be done to get there.

With that...

Zuhri's Final Thoughts.

Star Rating: 2. Stars. I would never read again, and would never recommend it to anyone. The last 100 pages and the fact that I finished the book are the only things keeping this from being a 1-star book.

Reading Scenario - None. There is no scenario that I can picture that would be ideal for this book.

Book Club Recommendation - No. This book was actually an option for my book club to choose from, but it was out voted in favor Secondhand. Surprisingly, I'm glad that secondhand won but not that glad. (my book club clearly needs better taste.) I think that this book is hit or miss, it could provide a lot of conversation but it also could end up providing very little conversation.

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