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Book Review: The King of Crows

So Kings of Crows came out.

It is the fourth and final book in a series that's first book came out nearly 10 years ago. (How crazy is that.) Which for me means I finished the last book in a series as an adult that I started as a teenager. I must admit that I was excited to see how the book would end. Before I read the book that is...

So let's get into King of Crows by Libba Bray.

Honestly, I was disappointed yet content? (if that makes sense) While reading this book, I was content in the ways in which things worked out. It ended with everyone accept Jerrico surviving, which let's be honest here was a bit of an obvious cop-out in terms of character death. I liked that Evie and Sam were engaged. Even with those positives, there were still many things that made me disappointed in the book.

First, it was long for no reason. Now Libba Bray is known for a nice girthy book (especially if you know her other books.) and honestly, I like a nice thick book myself. But this one was long to be long. Most of the book was hundreds of pages of nonsense with nothing happening. Hell, it was an end of the world scenario and there was no sense of urgency for the characters.

Second, the characters made stupid after stupid decision. So many more times than I would like to count I sat thinking to myself "what the fuck are they doing?" Especially with Memphis. I will never understand the choices that the character of Memphis made as an African American character in the1920's north and south.

Third, the biggest cop-out was the death of Isiah. First of all, with the weird girls whose name I can't remember as I write this book review, I'm not sure why they let Isiah play with her. Also, I'm wondering if this was making a special needs person into a villain, which is an interesting twist.... So anyway, the fact that this girl murdered Isiah, left me with more questions. The biggest being why Isiah was such a wimp that he couldn't protect himself or was he being in the mindset of an African American at the time and afraid of hurting white girl? But most of all what was the point of killing him off just to bring him back. This plot point simply didn't add up.

Outside of the things I didn't like, I also enjoyed the social commentary throughout the book. That it talked about all of the historical evils and destruction that the united states government, did to people. Also the hints of what may come if things don't change.......

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Reading: 3 Stars

Reding Scenario: Finishing the book at home after a long day of work and 10 years of reading and waiting.

Book Club Recommendation: No. This isn't a book club book, unless your book club has been reading the series already. However, if you haven't I wouldn't start it.

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