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Book Review: The Boyfriend Project

So I am back at it again with another book review, and this time I am reviewing The Boyfriend Project by Farrah Rochon.

The Boyfriend Project is the story of Samiah, who is a total badass character. She is doing her thing working for a tech company, doing out reach to girls of color who are interested in tech, and all about being a boss in her lane. She wants a relationship, and the story begins with her dating this guy, a twitter feed, and bonding with a couple of other brand new girlfriends who are great in their own way. (I'll leave the rest to you if you decide to pick up the book.) Afterall that, and agreeing to the Boyfriend Project with her new friends incomes Dainel. A new coworker who is definitely interested in Samiah among other things...

Let's start off by saying I loved this book and it put a smile on my face. The love and happiness from reading this book is for a lot of reasons also and not just between the cuteness of Samiah and Dainel. I really enjoyed the easy friendship between Samiah, London, and Taylor. I liked the way these three different black women bonded together and built this awesome and supportive friendship. The friendship between the girls was oneof the hallmarks of the book for me. I also really enjoyed Samiah as a character. She was just great in everything that she represented and did. And of corse, I loved Samiah and Daniel's relationship. I liked the way it built up and the way that *Spoiler Alert* Daniel wins her back .Beyond their relationship I liked Daniel as a character too. He is also well adjusted and a sweetheart. I think it was interesting his role in the company as well, and how much he truly cared about Samiah, and was torn between her and his job over it. I liked his relationship with some of the other characters as well.

Honestly, there wasn't much about this book that I didn't like. Other than I wish the reader got to see more of the way that Samiah and Daniel's relationship progresses. There are some gaps of dates they have and experiences that they have which are not covered or are glossed over in the book and I wish this weren the case. Of corse if everything was talked about I am sure it would have been a much longer book which could be a good or a bad thing.

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Rating : 3.5 Stars

Reading Sceanrio - Cozy sunday afternnon with a fuzzy blanket

Book Club Recomendation - Sure why not? I think this is an adorable little book and would be cute for a romance book club.

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