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Book Review: Take a Hint, Dani Brown


I am so excited to share this book review. Today I am reviewing, Take a Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert. I wanted to read this book ever since I finished reading Get a Life, Chloe Brown in February, you can find that review here.

So yeah, this was a very anticipated book for me. Take a Hint, Dani Brown is about the middle Brown sister Danika, who is a bisexual strict academic. Dani is on a 15-year plan to become a college professor and is currently teaching a college course. Relationships aren't her thing and she prefers hook-ups. Enter her friend and security guard Zaf, who is caught saving her during a drill on social media......

Let's jump into the novel itself without getting into the plot line too much and without spoiling things. I loved this book. Zaf is totally my new book crush. He was written in such an adorable way. What's better for a male lead then a character who is emotionally in touch with himself, teaches children to be in touch with themselves, and reads romance novels? Total adorableness and total win. Some of the romantic one-liners that he gives in this book were everything. I mean 'I want to learn you." is classic.

As a female romantic lead, I enjoyed Dani too. I liked that she was different om what you typically get in a romance novel because of being such a strong goal-oriented female lead. I liked that she didn't change herself to get Zaf's attention, but she made compromises in the end once she realized her feelings. I liked the ways in which she makes her self vulnerable throughout the book and learns to be emotional again and learns that she is loveable, after bad past relationships. This type of storyline is always a win for me and feels super relatable.

Now I can not write this book review without commenting on the sex scenes. This is not a fade to black, heavily implied sexytime book. Nope, the sexytimes between Dani and Zaf are descriptive and juicy. So get a glass of wine and buckle up its full Balanche territory here.

Overall, this book is simply a joy. The romance between Dani and Zaf is wonderful. Plus we get to see Chloe and Red's adorableness all over again. The side characters in this book are also wonderful between Schora, Fluffy, Jamal, and the others. I also like the way that it is written from both Dani and Zaf's perspective so we get to see both of their personalities.

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Rating: 5 stars!

Reading Scenario: A warm summer evening, with AC and a glass of wine.

Book Club Recommendation: I think that this would make a good book club recommendation. I think it would be fun and bring a decent amount of discussion among book cub


I am eagerly, awaiting the final novel in the Brown sisters series about Eve!

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