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Book Review: Sweatpants Season

I've liked this book so much, that I have read it twice.....

Alright! I am back at it again with another book review, and I'll be honest, when I first read this book I didn't think it was going to be one of the books that I reviewed here on the blog. In addition to all of mt regular reading, I have been reading a host of ...interesting.... to say the least ebooks on my kindle, and Sweatpants Season is one of those reads.

Anyway, let's get into the book review.

So Sweatpants Season is by Danielle Allen and is the story of Akila and Carlos. Akila is a staunch feminist and somewhat of a workaholic writer who is trying anything to reach her goals. Carlos is also a writer and has his own goals that he is trying to reach, but he is a member of a dating podcast, that Akila sees as deeming to women. They cross paths in a photography seminar when they end up partners and so begins their romance.

As I said, I loved this book so much I've read it twice. I love the push and pull between Akila and Carlos and that ol' trope of Akila hating Carlos so much outwardly, but actually crushing on him so hard is funny. Akila definitely holds a grudge against Carlos due to the content of the podcast, but I enjoyed the way they kept ending up together because of the photography class and then because of the shared professional writing career.

Now the moment in which Akila and Carlos decide to go ahead and be together is ugh to die for. That scene is everything, I loved it. Plus Danielle Allen writes some A+ steamy scenes as well. Plus the moment when Carlos proclaims his love for Akilia is another super sweet super cute magic moment and I loved this book so much I may read it a third time.

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Rating: 5 Stars

Reading Scenario: cool fall evening under a warm blanket.

Book Club Recommendation: Yes!

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