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Book Review: So We Can Glow

Today I am reviewing So We can Glow by Lessa Cross- Smith. So We Can Glow, is a series of short stories about women. It is a series of stories telling the stories of different women, at different times of their lives. Some are teenagers and some are adults. And one thing that I loved, some of them are two parts of the same story about the same women. Also worth a mention, So We Can Glow, is written by a black woman. I want to start pointing out when books that I am reviewing are written black people or POC. I think this is something that is so important to note, especially because diversity in literature can be hard to find.

So with that being said let's get into the book itself a little bit more.

Like I mentioned, So We Can glow is a series of short stories. Typically, I am not a short story reader. Historically, I am one of those the longer the better type of reader. Seriously, 500-page novel that tells me a full story of a character, win for me. I love thicker, chunkier, longer books like that, so this book was a new frontier for me in terms of short stories, and then in terms of being multiple short stories in one place. And....I loved it.

I loved each of the stories in the book. Each of the stories was unique, lush, and simply divine and extravagant. Lessa Cross-Smith writes in such a way that you feel transported into each of the stories. You can feel what the characters feel, taste what they taste, see what they see. It was such a lush and divine experience to read each of these short stories. It was so grand to be able to be transported in and out of each of the women's life. The characters, the women seemed so real it was like reading about a friend or neighbor. I especially loved it when some of the stories would connect to previous stories. It was always an exciting and welcome surprise. because even though each story seemed to be just enough when some of them had follow-ups, it was nice to see how things turned out for the characters or get more depth added to their stories.

Basically, I loved this book and I enjoyed each of the short stories. From doing some research Lessa Cross- Smith, as written one other short story collection and a novel. I plan to read both because if they are just as good as this short story collection Lessa, is quick on her way to becoming a favorite author of mine.

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Rating: 5 stars!

Reading Scenario: A warm summer afternoon, a blanket, a picnic basket full of snakes, and a glass of wine.

Book Club Recommendation: I would recommend this book for a book club. I think the various different stories would make for good conversation.

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