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Book Review : Royal Holiday

Ya'll. So I have finished every-book in the Wedding Date Series thus far. And for me, saving Royal Holiday for last was a great treat. I'm not going to spend time rambling all about that (even-though I could.) and right into the review.

Royal Holiday, is a mom's second chance at love story. The mom in the story is Maddie from the Wedding Party's mom so there is the relation. Anyway, this is a mom getting her groove back kind of story in which I think is awesome. It is the story of Vivian and Malcom. In this story Maddie gets the opportunity to dress the "duchess" and a free trip to England Maddie decides to bring her mom While Maddie is busy doing her fashion thing on the estate, Vivian is free to explore and of corse she decides to explore Malcom, who is the Queen's sectary.

This story is so cute and nearly overtook my love of Maddie and Theo and the Wedding Party as my favorite book in the series. I loved how well rounded of a character Vivian was. She was so much more than just a mom and I loved that. She had a whole character arc, and I loved that she was a hospital social worker (like me!) I also liked the slow burn of Vivian and Malcom's love. Now compared to some of the other communication breakdowns that lead to break ups as is the common plot devise in Jasmine Gullory books, theirs seemed more realistic. I mean a vacation love that goes away because one partner has to return home? Pretty realistic. Plus it was extra cute the way that they kept their relationship going through postcards.

Ugh! The international love between Vivian and Malcom was so cute and adorable, and as all books in this series I think it is a good read.

Final Ranking of the books :

1. The Wedding Party

2. Royal Holiday

3. Party of Two

4. The Proposal

5. The Wedding Date

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Rating: 4 Stars

Reading Scenario : This is a great Christmas timey romance read. Like when the tree is up and decorated and its time to chill.

Book club recommendation : Yes! I think that the whole series would make good book club reading fodder and once all were read would create great conversation and debate amongst members.

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