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Book Review: One True Loves

Ah... I think I have fallen in love with reading again. Seriously, in the years before book club, reading for pleasure became a rarity in my life. The only time I would read for pleasure was reading the next book in a series that I was reading. Now post-book club I'm reading like crazy, and devouring books like there is no tomorrow. I think that I haven't read at this level since middle school or high school. Anyway, today the book that I am reviewing is One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

So if you had seen my most recent book review than you know that I have become a Taylor Jenkins Reid stan. You can find that post here.

Anyhow, let's get into One True Loves

One True Loves is the story of Emma who marries who highschool sweetheart Jesse. Jesse goes missing, and Emma has to pull her life back together and falls in love with another man, named Sam. Turns out Jesse is still alive and does whatever he can to return home and to Emma. Now Emma has a choice to make Jesse or Sam? Which life does she want to live? What does any of this, all of this mean for true love and soulmates?

I will say that One True Loves is a slow read. It's easy to get hooked into (thankfully), but the storylines and the plot build slowly before blooming and completing itself in an absolutely beautiful way. While this book is in no way boring, it is a slow crawl and it does require a little bit more thought than a typical read for pleasure. But, if you can get through the messiness and the slowness you are able to get into one really beautiful book. A beautiful book that shares truths about love, and sends the message that true love evolves with us and that who is right for us in our 20s may not be right for us in our 30s but there is someone who is. It's also a reminder to not run from what you hate and never think you wanted because it might be what saves you.

I loved the romance between Emma and Jesse and between Sam and Emma. I loved that they were both whole love stories, but uniquely different and fit for a younger Emma and for an older Emma. Sam is the most emotionally mature man I have ever read about in.a novel, if not a bit of a whimp. Afterall in terms of the romance trope, there is something to be said about the fight for your man or for your woman thing. It was clear that Sam wasn't willing to put up much of a fight, but I suppose that's part of his emotional maturity and that's okay.

One True Loves is a great read and helps me continue my standhood of Taylor Jenkins Reid.

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Reading: 4 stars!

Reding Scenario: A summer afternoon with a blanket, a picnic basket and a glass of wine. This is the type of book to read with the summer sun warming your skin.

Book Club Recommendation: Yes. This is a great read for a book club. There is so many different things to talk about. I think a book club can talk about this book for hours and not be bored.

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