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Book Review: One to Watch

Alright, y'all! I am back at it again with another book review. I think this is book 25 on my journey to 50 books by the end of the year. One to Watch is one of the 3 books that I got from Book of the Month this month, and honestly, they could have kept it.

One to Watch by Kate Stayman- London, is basically bachelor fanfiction starting Bea a plus size fashion blogger as the "bachelorette" or in this case as the main squeeze, with 25 men vying for her affections. The story is about Bea, loosening up, dropping her walls, and embracing herself and ultimately choosing love.

So let's get into One to Watch, and why I think book of the month could have kept it. I'm going to put it out there and be honest, this is a 2-star book for me. Now it's a cute story as for as novels go, but after someone who has read a bunch of romances novels as of late, this one just didn't match up to me. I found One to Watch to be a little boring. I was forcing myself to read the book and to get through it because I started it but didn't find it terrible enough to stop reading it. I think that the way the story was told was unique a combination of novel, twitter threads, text messages, emails, and think pieces written by other characters who were writing about Bea's main squeeze season. I did find this to be a little bit boring though, the most interesting points of the novel were told this way instead of in the novel and from Bea's perspective.

I liked the idea of the story though. Plus size women deserve love too in mainstream media and should be shown in reality tv love shows (not just the mess of shows like 90-day fiancee). Outside of this factor, that's all I really liked. I hated the way Bea's self-esteem was set up. I thought she should have had thicker skin. I hated how whiney she was. I didn't like the love story between her and Asher either. It honestly doesn't make much sense that she chooses him, and unlike typical romance novels, there was no real build-up between them which made the romance aspect of the novel fall for me. Plus most of the other characters feel flat and felt like stereotypes. The inclusion of various LGBTQ+ characters was great as far as inclusion goes, but they felt more like tokens to me, as did the one black character in the novel, Sam who was one of Bea's love interests.

Clearly, One to Watch was not a book for me. Perhaps I would have enjoyed it more if I watched the Bachelor/the Bachelorette.

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Rating: 2 Stars

Reading Scenario: I can't think of any real reading scenario. There is no ideal for this book, at least as far as I am concerned

Book Club Recommendation: I think that this would be an okay book for a book club to read. I think it would be able to create a discussion which is ideal, but I would not want to read it in my book club. I think it wouldn't go over well similar to the way that City of Girls did not go over well.

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