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Book Review: Midnight Sun

Y'all this almost feels like the book review of all book reviews. In this post, I am reviewing, Midnight Sun by Stephine Meyer, the newest book in the Twilight Series, and is Twilight told from Edward's perspective.

Anyway. I am so excited to share this review and talk about this book because it was an over 600-page ride. So set back, get a drink, and prepare for the book review that I am sure I will have to express myself through word and gif formats.

Let's jump right into the review.

So right off of the bat, I will say that Midnight Sun is not a good book in terms of writing style, plot, pacing, or any of that kind of stuff. I also recognize that Stephine Meyer does not have the best reputation as well, but honestly, the best part of this book is the nostalgia factor. This literally took me back to middle school Zuhri who spent a bunch of time surfing the internet trying to find books that I wanted to read. Back to my 8th-grade classrooms, which I only clearly remember my English an history classes and teachers at this time. The nostalgia factor overall made it all worthwhile.

The worst and most tedious part of the book was all of Edward's brooding.

Seriously, hundreds of pages of the book were dedicated to Edward's emo brooding. Literally, it takes you right back to the height of the emo phase in my middle school days, but ultimately made parts of the book long, boring, and tedious to read. Seriously, how many times do we have to read about how much Edward hates himself, has no soul, is evil, is a monster blah blah blah. It got so old so fast, but at least it was flittered out with dark thoughts and plotting Edward, flashbacks of the Cullen family, and in general the thoughts of the rest of the Cullens.

In between all of the emo, whininess was dark thought and plotting Edward. I liked dark thought and plotting Edward. I think it gave more depth to the Edward Cullen character overall, and made him seem more realistic and three-dimensional. The plotting of the murders of everyone in the bio class when Edward first met Bella *Chefs kiss*. The hatred of Mike Newton was more and realistic as well. I liked getting to see the darker side of Edward compared to the original idealized version.

Other than dark thought Edward, I really enjoyed the flashbacks to Edward's earlier life. I won't spoil those scenes here but reading about what happened before Edward meets Bella was interesting and enjoyable and after 50-100pages of brooding at a time, a welcome break on my brain. I also enjoyed the interlude of the thoughts of the other Cullen characters. It made them more realistic, and it made Roselie although annoying at times, made her more likable then she was compared to the original twilight books from Bella's point of view. Granted, I hated selfishness and if a vampire therapist exists in that world she needs to be going on one and let's be real Edward needs to be doing sessions right along with her.

Which brings me to another point. Until reading Midnight Sun, I don't think I remember how much a factor Roselie was in Edward's decision to not want to turn Bella into a vampire. Like I couldn't figure out (and still cant to be honest) figure out why Roslie is so inflectional to Edward's decision making in that regard when it seems like he doesn't hold her in that high esteem anyway. Maybe I am missing something, but I don't know. In hindsight, it seems like a lot of the books could have been less dramatic if Edward just asked Bella what she wanted instead of being an asshole and trying to force her to go with his whims. Similarly, if Bella was less of a basic bitch and stood up for herself and said what she wanted. But then there would be no other books so I guess that's part of all of that.

Again. Vampire Therapy. Vampire Therapist. Needed.

Before I wrap up this review, let me just say that it was quite an experience reading this book, knowing what was going to happen, and also now reading this as an adult who is a social worker. Of course, all characters and everyone, in general, is flawed in some way shape, or form, but Edward treats Bella like a pet at times. It is sickening and sometimes borderline abusive. Plus Bella needs some human therapy because clearly she is perentifed from having a lack of actual parents who parented and not a spaz mom and a stone-like a dad. Plus Edward is selfish too as he plots to leave Bella as she is healing while knowing what is going to happen to her if he leaves because of Alice's visions. Sickening.

Alright, so this is a chunk of a book to get through. Seriously, it is 658 pages so it is a lot to get through. It took me a week to finish this book, but it was worth it. The nostalgia was everything and even through chugging through the more tedious part of the book going back to thinking about the time when I first read twilight and remember who I was back then was great. It was a joy. But if I didn't read twilight all those years ago would I pick this up for the first time, No. I wouldn't pick it up for the first time because of how long and tedious it is and if it wasn't for the nostalgia factor I wouldn't read this. But that's just me!

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Rating: 4 Stars!

Reading Scenario: All day, pure joy days. When it is warm and when it is cold. Whenever you have the time.

Book Club Recommendation: If you want it to be I think it would be a great book club read. I think it would create plenty of discussions. However, I would never make this the main suggestion for a book club or anything like that.

I think that reading Midnight Sun has inspired me to start a new category of reads based on the nostalgia factor. So stay tuned for more nostalgia reads.

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