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Book Review: Mexican Gothic

New Book Review! I am so glad to be sharing another book review today, and even more excited because I have finished this book. It was taking me forever to finish this book, but I will get into all of that. I am also glad to be sharing another book written by a woman of color. The book that I am reviewing today is Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia.

Mexican Gothic was one of the two books that I got in my July Book of the Month Box, and I was drawn into it by the description. However, getting through this book was quite the struggle for me as I found most of the book to fall on the boring side. According to Book of the Month, this book falls into the horror category, and just like how I felt about Home Before Dark (you can find that review here), I don't think horror and thriller books are for me.

Mexican Gothic is the story of Noemi a Mexican socialite in the 1950s. Noemi lives a privileged life in Mexico City, but her life changes when she gets a letter from her cousin, Catalina. Catalina writes Noemi a letter sends Noemi's father a letter asking for help. Noemi's father strikes a deal with her, to go and visit Catalina and see what is going on. She ends up in a decaying victorian home with strict rules and of course, things are...amiss...

As far as this story goes, I guessed from the beginning that the mushrooms were poisoning the people living in the home and that they were poisoning themselves by eating them. However, I was unable to see how the poising was happening, now that was a major plot twist. The whole scene where everything begins to be revealed with Howard and the incestuous family line was shocking, horrifying, and put the capital H in horror. If you can get through the first half of the book that I found to be monotonous and boring, then the horror twist is worth it.

So, other than the boring a bore for most of the book, I found Catalina's character be annoying and useless (at least until the very end when she got better.) More than once I found myself wishing that Noemi would leave and allow Catalina to live in the fuckery that she created. I thought the romance between Noemi and Francis was random. I see why they would end up together, I guess, but I didn't understand it fully, it seemed like a random add on. Plus, why would Nomei want to even be with Francis after knowing how inbred he literally was?. But whatever.

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Rating : 3 Stars

Reading Scenario: I'm not sure if there is a good reading scenario for this kind of book.

Book Club Recommendation: Yes, I would recommend this book for anyone book club who is looking for a horror book.

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