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March Book Roundup

Ah, March!

A month of reading and a month that rapidly changed. It came in like any other month and is ending in this funny unknown state. Anyway, as a reader books have brought me joy and comfort. Books make me happy and can serve as a great escape when things are all over the place.

In the month of March, I read and finished 3 books, A Cowboy to Remember, One True Loves, and This Won't End Well. I thought it would be fun and new to share a final thought roundup on the books I read during a month (on those months when I finish more than one book that is.) Click each of the links to read my full reviews for each of these books.

So as this is a new part for me and the blog we will be working through this roundup section to be the best it can be. So without further ado...

5 Star Book

A Cowboy to Remember. So A Cowboy to Remember is the only 5-star book for the month of March. I rated this book 5 stars and why it has a higher rating than the others because of the pure escapism that this book provided. I read to escape. I read to experience and this book gave me that. I also rated it 5 stars because it's one of those books that just sticks with you and even though its been weeks since I've read it, I can still remember all of the characters, which for me is always a plus.

4 Star Book

One True Loves is my 4-star book for the month of March. I rated it 4 stars because love love Taylor Jenkins Reid. She is definitely one of my favorite authors and it came as I surprise. So part of the rating is because I enjoy her writing and I enjoyed the storyline of this book. So I took off a star because even though I enjoyed the storyline it seemed unrealistic. Honestly, Jesse shouldn't have survived. The other reason for the star loss is because I felt the characters were a bit forgettable.

3.5 Star Book

This Won't End Well is my 3.5-star book for March. I enjoyed this story and really related to the main character, Annie. But I wanted more. The end felt really rushed. Suddenly, Annie was giving up John, and making out with Mo. There wasn't much transition between this and I feel like the romantic relationship between Annie and Mo could have been better developed. The romance seemed to be thrown in almost as an afterthought.

So that's it! Currently on my journey to 50 books for 2020, I have read 11/50 books. Stay tuned for more book reviews

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