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Book Review- Maybe in Another Life

Y'all, Maybe in Another life officially made me into a Taylor Jenkins Reid stan.

So before getting into my love for Maybe in Another Life, let me talk a little bit about my journey to becoming a Taylor Jenkins Reid stan. The first book I ever read by here was Daisy Jones and the Six, which was a read for my book club and I loved it. From there I eventually read The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo for my own pleasure and loved that just as much. You can find my review on Daisy Jones and the Six here.

Anyway, on my quest to read 50 books by the end end of 2020, I decided to read Maybe in Another Life. I choose it knowing that I had liked other books by Taylor Jenkins Reid. So I choose this book, I loved this book, and I am officially a Taylor Jenkins Reid stand. She is now one of my favorite authors, and I am planning on reading all of her novels and keeping up with any new novels that may come out in the future. Quick side statement here, me finding authors that I enjoy is rare because I know I can be quiet difficult and picky about what I read.

So without further ramble, let's get into Maybe in Another Life...

Maybe in Another Life is the story of Hannah who makes a life choice. The book parallels the consequences of her life based on that one choice. The book tells two alternate yet parallel versions of Hannah's life.

So I loved this book. I loved the story that is told and the commentary on life and choices that we make every day. I liked that Hannah has two very different lives, but in both versions, she ends up with a happy ending. Also, there are two quotes that stand out to me from the book that I actually typed up my phone to save. (Also a rarity and a reason as to why I've become a stan.) The first is "Life is a series of breaths." The second is "Hearts are like legs, I guess. They mend." I like that these quotes show how much of life is restarting. Putting one front in front of the other until things change and eventually what was a problem isn't even a thing anymore. Or that one series of choices can lead to a life of happiness. That's what I enjoyed about the book the most, the message that no matter what we choose in life, no matter what happens, or who we end up with, that the end result is happiness.

This was such a light, intriguing, enjoyable read. For once I liked the characters, and for a novel that kept changing timelines every chapter it wasn't complicated to keep track of each life's storyline and I didn't find all of the switching as annoying as I normally would and as I've had in the past.

If you are wondering if you should read the older novels by Taylor Jenkins Reid? Or wondering if you should read Maybe in Another Life, the answer is Yes.

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Rating: 4.5 Stars

Reading Scenario: Middle of the Afternoon with a drink by your side. Or the type of book you can read a chapter or two of each night for a couple of days.

Book Club Reccoemdnation: Yes! I think that this would make a great book for a bookclub. There is so much to talk about from the story itself, to all of the things that Hannah says about life and the way things are.

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