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Book Review: Malibu Rising

So I have been out of the book game for a while now, and what better way to get back into the book game, than with a Taylor Jenkins Reid book.

If you know me and have visited this blog before, then you know that one of my favorite authors is Taylor Jenkins Reid, that I have read and reviewed most of her books, and that I love her writing style and find her a joy to read. So when I was in a reading slump that I needed to get out of, what better way than with her latest, Malibu Rising.

Malibu Rising is the story of the children of Mick Riva. If you have read the Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo you would recognize Mick Riva as one of her seven husbands. But this story is not about Evelyn or even about Mick who seems to have just as many wives to go with Evelyn's many husbands, it is the story of the children who Mick leaves behind with his first wife June.

Set in the 1950s-1980s Malibu, Reid takes the day of one epic final Riva party to tell the story of Mick's children and therefore Mick, in her typical style that mixes past, present, and point of view. As the reader, we get to see how each of the children ends up where they are on the day of the party, and where they end up once the party is over. We get to see a little bit of Mick's story and how he ended up the way he was. And more or less an interesting follow-up book in this lux old Hollywood world would be The Sixish Wives of Mick Riva.

This is mostly the story of Mick's oldest child, Nina. But the stories of each of his children are told in turn. As usual, I enjoyed the past and the present mixed way that the story was told. I liked that once the Riva party began we get the story of various guests who are at the party and that we get to see how one night changes their lives as much as it changes the lives of the Riva children. The solid message in the book, at least to me, is that one night can change everything and that sometimes things have to burn in order to move on.

Star Rating: 4 Stars, the perfect read to get you out of a book funk.

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