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Book Review: Hood Feminism

I am excited to share with you my first read of August Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall. Hood Feminism is a new type of book for me to read and review because it is non-fiction. A say new because it is also nonfiction read by choice and not for the book club. Anyway, typically I am a strict fiction girl, but in a goal to diversify my reading, I wandered into the realm of non-fiction and read Hood Feminism.

Before getting deep into the review, I have to admit that reading non-fiction was not an easy feat for me. I am not a non-fiction reader, and in general, most of the non-fiction I read took place during my school years and I spent most of July reading this book as well. But, I am glad I read it.

Hood Feminism, is a book of essays involving the overarching theme that women of color, have been left out of the mainstream feminism ideals. Hood Feminism talks about issues such as housing, eating disorders, and the ways in which black women are written about are feminist issues. Just to name a few.

I really enjoyed this book even though it took me a while to get through it. I'm actually glad it took me longer to read it than normal because I think it allowed the information I was reading sink into my head in a different, and change what feminism means to me. Change how my feminism is shaped and formed. Most of all a way to add more depth to the feminist conversations that I have with my friends.

I am the first to admit that my feminism has primarily been shaped by mainstream feminism or even "white feminism." and that's the simple truth of my education and the lack of diverse educators and points of view in my educational history. Of course, as a social worker, I am aware of intersectionality, but I don't think that social work goes far enough in that area. But that is for another post for another time. (If you want to see an in-depth post about my social work education leave me a comment over on the @lifeintheoutland Instagram account.)

Anyway, I enjoyed this book and the way it has me looking t differently at things. Though I currently work in a hospital setting, I think this is the type of book that will change my social work practice as well.

While this is a book that is a hard book to truly review because its non-fiction, I think that Mikki Kendall presented her points well and the writing is spot-on in a way that is easily understandable and accessible to many, which I think is important for a book like this. This is a must-read for anyone who identifies as feminist, a must-read for materials for feminism classes, and for anyone looking to expand on their ideals and values.

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Rating: 5 Stars

Reading Scenario: Right now! Or that moment when you realize its time to expand on your ideas and values.

Book Club Recommendation: Depends. If your book club is more non-fiction or social justice-based then this is a great recommendation and I think would cause a lot of great conversation. If you have an average book club that's just reading for fun than I would say no.

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