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Book Review: Home Before Dark

So back at it again with another book review. This one is the last book that I got as part of my June Book of the Month package. Now, Home Before Dark is was an unusual choice for me as it falls into the Thriller category.

Home Before Dark by Riley Sager is the story of Maggie who returns to her childhood home which housed the worst 10 days of her and her family's lives. Maggies, who is now an adult has been haunted by this house for her whole life and the book that her father wrote about it. Maggie is searching for the truth beneath all of the lies.

Knowing that at the heart that this novel is about Maggie's search for truth, let's drive into the story itself.

I'm going, to be honest, here, it took me a while to get into this book and awhile to read it. Seriously, It was so difficult for me to read it, and honestly, I did not enjoy 2/3rds of this book. So much so I was prepared to come and write this review and talking about how I was not thrilled by this thriller, however, everything changed in the end. Adding to my ramble part of the review I think overall thriller/mystery is a harder genre for me to read in general and it's not one that I really care for. Most often because I find the characters to be too nosey but without a nosey character, you don't have a thriller/mystery novel do you?

Anyway, so I enjoyed the way that this story was told in parallels between Maggie's dad's original house of horrors novel and Maggie's real-time experience. The way the town is different yet the same was interesting. And trust me the last third of the book really brought the punches. Sager's writing here is so good and as I was reading the last third I felt like I was Maggie and experiencing what she was feeling or watching a really intense horror movie. So big check and super quality.

The biggest take away from this book is to keep it going it is so worth it in the end. I like how Maggie's search for truth really brought her and her mom together as well as the fact that she fulfilled her father's dream for her by becoming a writer in her own right.

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Rating: 3.5

Reading Scenario: Spread out over a week when you are able to read alone and are ready to go for a ride in the form of a novel.

Book Club Recommendation: Yes, I think that this book would be really good book club read. I think people would be able to enjoy it and it would create discussion among members.

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