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Book Review: Girl Gone Virial

Y'all I am back at it again with another book review. for this book review, I will be talking all about Girl Gone Viral by Alisha Rai.

Girl Gone Viral is the second book in the modern love series of companion novels by Alisha Rai. The first book is The Right Swipe, which I have already reviewed and you can find here. Anyway, Girl Gone Viral takes place where The Right Swipe left off with the love story of Katrina King and her bodyguard.

So this is the story of Katrina King, and her bodyguard Jas. Katrina, is a former model and wealthy widow who primarily makes her money through investments. She is super reclusive and is working on being out in the world more with the ultimate goal to find someone and fall in love. Jas, is Katrina's steadfast bodyguard who worked for her husband, and now works for her. He is dedicated but has is own secrets. Everything comes to a point between the two of them when Katrina goes viral due to a twitter thread.

Ugh! This is an adorable little romance novel. I loved it and it was a joy to read. I liked the trauma aspect of both of the characters. I liked seeing the personal growth of seeing Katrina grow through her traumas in the book, as well as seeing Jas deal with his traumas throughout the book as well and watching both of them grow through issues and then work with them in order to find love with each other is everything.

Outside of the personal growth aspects of both characters, the best thing about this book is the level of diversity. Katrina is a plus-sized half Asian woman, and Jas being Muslim and Indian. It's really cool seeing the diversity aspect of the books. I love not only books but romance novels in which the characters are not just your typical white, young, heterosexual people. Like having slightly older people in their thirties and diversity, is a total win and more like real life.

Like all books, there is a downside and I honestly think that the biggest downside of this book for me is that it is so unremarkable and unmemorable I think the worst thing about a book is when it is unmemorable such as this book. It can be disappointing, but not all nooks can be the type that linger in your mind in that sort of way.

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Rating : 3 Stars

Book Club Recommendation: Yes, I think that this would be a good read for a book club as it super cute and adorable.

Reading Scenario: Cozy Sunday Afternoon.

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