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Book Review - Get a Life, Chloe Brown

Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hubbert is book 6 on my quest to read 50 books this year. Book 5 was the February book club read and that review will be out later. You can keep up on my book reviews by following me on Instagram (@lifeintheoutland) or by subscribing to the blog and get email alerts! Also, you can find me on Goodreads here.

So introductory stuff aside, Get a Life, Chloe Brown is the story of how Chloe Brown gets her life after a near-death experience and finds love along the way. Imma keep the little summary brief and let's be real, that's all you really need to know as far as summaries go.

Anyway, I love this book. It was such a joy to read and I found myself having to force the book close in order to prolonge the story. There are so many books that you can't want to be finished with, the books that seem like a chore to get through, this isn't one of those books. This is one of the few books that for me could have gone on forever.

I quickly fell in love with all of the characters. Chloe and Red of course, but also Chloe's family members. For characters whose roles were so small, their impressions were lasting. (Which is why, I am glad one of the sisters Dani is getting her own spin-off this summer.) The love story between Chloe and Red was so easy going, a joy to read, and most of all a reminder that after bullshit, after the mess that life can be, all-encompassing, all pure, deep spiritual love is very much possible. Plus the spicy parts weren't so bad either.

Overall, I was so glad to spend part of my February reading this book. Most of all, I think this will easily become one of those books that I can reread over and over again, which for me is extremely rare and is an extra special bonus.

With that...

Zuhri's Final Thoughts.

Star Rating: 5 Stars. No explanation needed that's the facts. Reading Scenario : I was reading this book while on vacation, so the best scenario is a warm day, in an open courtyard. A comfy chair and cocktail are a must. Book Club Recommendation: I would so recommend this for any book club. The storyline is cute, easily readable, and enjoyable. I think that the backstories of both Chloe and Red could provide many conversations for book club members to discuss and share thoughts.

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