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Book Review: Caste

Powerful. That is the only way to describe the book Caste by Isabel Wilkerson.

This is the type of book that needs no introduction and no rambling. It is a powerful book and a must-read and should be required ready for anyone who works with people and definitely social service and social work jobs.

Caste is a novel by Isabel Wilkerson. It is a non-fiction novel (one of few for me!), and the premise of the novel is that American Society has a caste system. It goes into details of caste systems and companies the American caste system to that of India and Natzi Germany.

For me, this book answered and affirmed a lot of the thoughts that I had about racism in America and with my experiences as a black woman in America with a very marginalized identity. Things in the novel made sense, and it caste puts everything into view in a way that other books haven't been able too, and is not as much of a stretch of an idea as you think. Caste, also made things that are happening currently make much more sense if you think of things that are happening as an attempt to protecting the caste system.

This was a slow burn type of book. It took me a about of a month to finish this book, but it is very worth it. Part of it was because while reading this book, there were moments when I read things that forced me to take a pause and to process what I had just read. While making her points on the pillars of caste, Wilkerson provides concrete historical examples and everyone knows that most of the horrors that black people experienced throughout American history is not talked about, so when reading something new and for lack of a better word, horrifying about the experiences of black people is a lot. But these are also the examples of what makes this book so with it and for me, made her premises that much more believable.

Let me say again, that this is a must read book that really and truly makes you think about American culture, things that are happening, and to consider an alternate through the process on all of these things. It is the type of book that makes you comfortable but also can make you grow.

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Rating - 5 Stars

Reading Scenario - Any. Just pick up this book and expand your mind.

Book Club Reccoemendation - Yes! but if you have the type of book club that can tackle and discuss the topics in this book in a way that doesn't minimize.

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