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Book Review: Bridal Bootcamp

Alright, so I am back at it again,( a little sooner than I thought I would be after reading Midnight Sun, you can find that review here) with another book review. Today's I am writing all about Bridal Bootcamp, by Meg Cabot.

So normally, a title of Bridal Bootcamp would not stand out to me as being something I need to ger on my to be read list. But I was on a nostalgia high after reading Midnight Sun, and I saw that Meg Cabot had written a new series for adults and I knew I just had to check it out. I mean, I read the Princess Diaries, some of the Mediator series (I saw there are now more books out and the nostalgia is temping me.), and even Ransom my Heart which is written by Meg and "Mia Thermpalisis." So I couldn't resist.

Anyway, Bridal Bootcamp is a short story in the Little Bridge Island Series and is the first book in the series. And when I say short is super duper short. So short that I blinked and then it was over. But it was still an okay read overall. Anyway, Bridal Bootcamp is the micro-story of Roberta a trainer who teaches a bridal Bootcamp exercise class, and Ryan a cop on the island who takes the class as a form of relaxation after nearly tasing an island resident.

As I said, this is a super short story that is actually considered a novella, that ends in the blink of an eye. It was good and had all of the good elements of a romance novel, it just happened so quickly. One minute the characters were meeting and the next they were fucking and then the book was over. It seemed a bit rushed at times, but it was okay. I don't think that this book would be essential to reading the series, but I will be checking out the other books, so far I think there are 2 more books, that I will be checking out.

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Rating : 3 stars, it wasn't bad enough and I didn't hate it enough to give it a 1 or 2-star read. But it wasn't good enough to give it a 4 or 5 star read either. So it's definitely a solid right in the middle 3 star read

Reading Scenario: I can't imagine a good scenario for this. It's a meh.

Book Club Recommendation: No.

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