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Book Review: Beach Read

.Book of the Month is worth it.

The last Book of the Month book that I read and reviewed was Paris Hours, and as much as the middle of the road this book for me this was, I knew that before taking on another book I needed a cleanser book. A cleanser book is the type of book that you read after a book that takes a lot out of you. (As Paris Hours did to me) A cleanser book is a book that is easy to read, enjoyable, and has a cute little happily ever after. It is a book that brings joy. A book that you can get book drunk off of. Beach Read was the perfect book for this purpose.

Beach Read by Emily Henry is the story of January and Gus, two writers who were rivals in college, both who found success early on in the careers and who write very different genres of novels. January is a romance author who believes in happily ever afters while Gus is a contemporary fiction writer who wants to explore the gritty side of life through his novels. They challenge each other to write in the other person's genre and of course over the course of the story find love.

Honestly, Beach Read was a joy to read. It was funny and witty. It was well written and easy to get hooked on. I read this book over a few days and I couldn't resist reading it in a few moments before work, and a few moments before going to sleep. It was cute, adorable, and left me feeling book drunk with a smile on my face whenever I was able to read some of it. I have no complaints about this book. There is nothing that I did not like, nothing I wanted more or wanted less of. As stated, it was simply a joy.

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Rating: 5 Stars (how could it be anything less?)

Reading Scenario: When you need a break between books. When you want a cute book to read outside or inside. When you want to read a book that is pure joy and easy on the mind. Basically anytime. Seriously, this book needs to be on your to be read list.

Book Club Recommendation: I would recommend this book for a book club. I think it would make it a good read for book club members and think it would create an easy discussion among members.

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