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Book Review : Anxious People

Back at it again with another book review and this one is a bit differnet than others I have ready, as Anxious People is considered contempory ficton.

So let's jump into the book review.

Anxious People is by Fredrik Backman, and is the story of a set of characters who are all together in one day in a small village in Sweeden. It is the story of a bank rober, their hostages, and the cops. The story evolves in a way that each of the characters back stories, their names, and the core of who they each are very slowly. It is the type of story where you think you have and understanding of the characters and then you don't. It's twisty and suprising and quietly fablous.

Let's keep it honest, I found this book hard to get into at first. It was a defienate slow burn kind of book. I think that part of the reason I struggled with it because of the vaugeness and third person ness of it all at first. But I did like the twist and turns, I wasn't expecting the bank robber to be a woman at first. I like the way that each of the characters stories and the ways in which they were related to eachother. The way that a bridge was a characrer in and of itself.

This was a cute little story.

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Rating : 4 Stars!

Reading Scenario : A weekend afternoon with a cup of tea.

Book Club Reccomendation : This is a good book club read and I think it would create alot of conversation amongst book club memebers.

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