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Book Review: After I Do

It's another Taylor Jenkins Reid Book Review.

So clearly, I am back at it again with another TJR Book. If you have been reading my blog for a while then you would know that the first book I read by TJR was Daisy Jones and the Six, since then I have been working my way through TJR's books. Other books that I have already reviewed include: One True Loves, and Maybe in Another Life

After I do, is the story of Lauren and Ryan. Lauren and Ryan are a couple who meet in college, and end up getting married. It's a total one of those 7-year itch scenarios, where a couple has been together for so long (or married for so long), that they are over each other. The novel begins with Lauren and Ryan having a fight in Dodger's stadium, and escalates to the point of Lauren telling Ryan she doesn't love him anymore, a sentiment that Ryan echos about her. Lauren and Ryan decide to separate for a year and see if that puts the energy back into their marriage.

As always, TRJ adds an element of interest in the way that she tells the story. In this case, the element of interest is that some of the story takes place over emails that Lauren and Ryan write to each other but leave in their draft boxes. The reader learns early on that Lauren gets into Ryan's email and reads the letters he writes her (later we learn that Ryan gets into her email and has been doing the same.) Anyway, the emails are the only form of contact that Lauren and Ryan use to speak to each other throughout the year, and are a way that the characters can be brutal, (and I mean brutal) honest to each other. I liked the ways that the emails were used and incorporated into the storyline, it added a nice element of realism and honesty.

Let's keep it real. After I do, is the worst TJR book in my opinion. As always, it was well written, quality, meaningful writing, so I enjoyed that part. The plot was not necessarily bad either, but it was just boring. I was bored by Lauren and Ryan's storyline. I thought it was typical for them to come back together at the end, if not a little boring. The other characters were okay, like Lauren's family members but no one or nothing really stuck out to me like in the other books of hers that I have read. This is a neat little story, easy to wrap your head around and easy to be entertained by it, but it doesn't linger. It is not one of those books that brings a smile to your face or one that you have to share with your friends and tell them to read too. It was simply okay.

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Rating : 3.5 stars

Reading Scenario: I can't honestly think up a scenario that this would work for.

Book Club Recommendation: I would recommend this book for a book club. I think that it would be able to generate and discussions and be easy for book club members to read.

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