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Book Review: A Princess in Theory

Happy 2021!

I am so happy to be in a new year and even happier to be back with my first book review of the year and if I do say so myself we are starting off on a high note. So we are starting this year's book review with A Princess in Theory by Alyssa Cole who has become one of my favorite authors.

A Princess, in Theory, is the story of grad student Naledi, and Prince Thabiso of Thesolo, a small African nation. This is a story of lost identity and love, fighting for what you want, moving through trauma, and ultimately is a super cute super adorable love story. So cute and so adorable, that Naledi and Thabiso are one of my favorite romance novel couples. (Yes they make the list!)

I really loved this book. I loved the characters of Naledi and Thabiso I also loved Thabiso's assistant Likosti. I liked Naledi's storyline as a lover of science and her background story as a child who grew up in foster care and how that turned into her trauma, as a social worker I found this to be a realistic portrayal of this type of struggle. And I liked the way Thabiso changed his approprach to winning over Naledi once he realized the error of his ways. Changed behavior is always a win!

Seriously, this book was super cute and a great read to start of 2021 with. I enjoyed the characters a lot, and after reading the other books in the series before this one it was nice to see the orgins of the characters. For me this book is a solid 5 star read.

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Rating : 5 Stars

Book Club Reccomendation : Sure, if you have a romance novel based book club or were looking to inject romance in to your book club.

Reading Scanrio : A cool winters day snuggled up with a blanket.

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