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Book Review: A Fire Like You

What a better next book to read, than a book of poetry? Other than fiction, poetry is one of my favorite genres to read. When I found out that Upile Chisala wrote another poetry book, I knew that I had to read it. I had previously read and enjoyed her other two volumes of poetry Nector and Soft Magic.

A Fire Like You definitely has a different tone than Upile's other two books. This one is more family-focused and also love based. The defining theme of love connects each of the poems to each other.

When reading fiction, I never really highlight or note anything that the characters say that I enjoy, find profound, or something meaningful. So the only time that you'll see me marking things in a book is when I'm studying (used to) or when I am reading poetry and want to keep track of all of my favorite poems.

A Fire Like You, left me with so many favorite poems! The first chapter in the book is more family-based poems, mother and daughter based poems, and I left tab flags on almost every single on of them. I strongly related to these poems, the things that Upile wrote and stated. All of the poems, in general, leave me with lingering thoughts and things to think about. Overall, I think that poetry is a bit hard to review because either you like it or not. Plus, the only other way to review it would be to write about the style, but I don't know (and I'm glad I don't) know enough about poetry to do that.

So I loved this poetry book. I read it all in a day and would recommend this book of poetry to any poetry lover as well as Upile's previous books. If Upile puts out another poetry book I will be right there in line to get that book as well.

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Rating : 4 Stars

Reading Scenario: An slow afternoon with a glass of wine.

Book Club Reccoemdnation: I would not recommend this book for a book club. Honestly, I would not recommend any book of poetry for a book club, because I don't think a poetry book would fit the need of a book club.

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