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Book Club Monday - Secondhand

It's Bookclub Monday!

So yesterday was my monthly book club meeting and the book of the month for us was Secondhand by Adam Minter. Secondhand is book 2 out of my quest to 50 for the year and was the first non-fiction book for our book club.

In a very short and brief way, Secondhand is a book about the secondhand industry. It talks about what happens to all of the things that are thrown out or donated. It gives a real look at the industry of stuff, and the way that the writer writes about the topic keeps it accessible and interesting when it could be dry and boring. (Even though some parts of the book were dry and boring, especially towards the end, I skipped whole chunks of the book here.) Anyway, the book makes you think about stuff and your personal relationship with it.

As far as the book club, this time it seems as if the book club is significantly smaller, and I wonder if this newer smaller group will be the new book club. Or if book club members are just going to come and go and only participate when they like the book that is being read. I hope the latter is the case, otherwise, what's the point of an inconsistent book club?

Anyway, no one in the book club really liked the book and the conversation about it was weak. The consensus was that the book's topic was interesting, but the writing was inconsistent, jumpy, and wasn't completely linear. Everyone agreed though, that non-fiction didn't make sense with the book club, at least not with our book club.

The topic for the month of February is Romance, and the book we are reading is Love and Other Words, by Christina Lauren. We also choose the topic for March, which is Murder.

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Rating: 3.5 Stars! Personally, I would not read this book again myself, but I would recommend it to others. This book does make me think about my relationship with stuff and how I can make changes. After reading it, I know I will be making some changes.

Reading Scenario : The beginning of the year or the end of the year when you know it's time to make a change.

Book Club Recommendation: Personally after reading it no. I don't think that non-fiction makes sense it a book club. but that's just me. And based on the conversations in the book club, the members also share this opinion.

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