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Book Club Monday - I'm Fine and Neither are You

Yesterday was our December book club meeting, and if you have been keeping up with me and my book club stories you would know that the book we were discussing was I'm Fine and Neither are you by Camille Pagan.

So I am thinking of changing up these posts a bit to include a brief book review. Due to being in the book club I am turning into quite the avid reader again and I have so many thoughts about the books that I've been reading too.

Anyway, I'm fine and Neither are you, was not the best book. I finished reading it nearly a month before the meeting, so I appreciated the quickness of it compared to some of the other books that I have read for the book club.

But the characters.

The characters of this book especially the main character Penny were trash. Seriously, one of the most vain, egocentric, and narcissistic characters that I have ever personally read about. Reading about her was so difficult for me to do, and the whole time I could only think about how much Penny needed therapy or something to stop being so selfish and recognize the role that she plays in her own life. The rest of the characters were okay, and there were defiantly some missing plot points, and loose threads that were never wrapped up or properly explored.

I give the book 3 stars. Hard personal read, great book club read.

As far as how it went in the book club. The book went over very well with the book club. Penny's character and her horribleness gave us so much to talk about. It was nice to have that much to talk about because our book club actually lasted a proper hour, and that in and of itself is a rarity as well. I also appreciated the ways in which book club members started to talk about our individual lives this week. It's less book club strangers, and maybe soon more on the way to book club friends.

During this meeting, we also discussed good reads. So now I have a good reads profile and hopefully soon our book club will have its own group which is one cool, and two makes the group more social, which I am enjoying as well. (More to come on goodreads later. So far I'm really enjoying the app and thinking about what my reading goal for 2020 should be.)

So the next book on the list is Secondhand by Adam Minter. It is the first non-fiction book for the book club as well so the January meeting should be interesting for that reason alone. Also now the book club is doing theme months, so we will see how that goes too. I think it can backfire trying to force a theme, but I'll keep you posed on that as well.

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