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Blogtober Review

So it's the last day of October!

Which means today is the last day of Blogtober and the last day of the challenge that I undertook. As with all things, once a challenge happens, it is time to reflect on it and what can be taken as a lesson from it.

So for this Blogtober, I think I was successful in the first week, and then again throughout the last few days. The middle of the month was more hit and miss. I think on my part it was hit and miss because of a lack of preparation. Although I had a content calendar for the month of October, I didn't plan on how hard life was going to hot me nor did I know how difficult it was going to be to keep a good work/life balance for myself due to well everything. As things usually go, some things fall to the wayside and for me, that was thing blog. But since I did have a content caldnder planned, I do have some lingering posts and ideas for the month of November, that I can't wait to share with you readers! So get ready for that.

Blogtober gave me space to also share different content that I've usually shared as well. I learned about a couple of other and new categories that can be added to the LifeintheOutlad themes So lots of ideas and lots of excitement.

Would I ever do Blogtober again? I would do Blogtober again. Especially with more and better preparation.

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