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A Journal Prompt During a Tough Time

The world is a little bit crazy, and a heck of a lot scary right now. The news is all over the place and everything is rapidly changing. (We all know why this is and what it is due too, and because I want to create a calming space while creating this journal prompt, I will not say why.). Now more than ever is a time when self-reflection and self-care is essential. It becomes key to our own personal survival and perseverance of our mental health. Literally, the difference between sheer panic and controlled life living.

So in this trying time, I thought it would be great to share a journal prompt during a tough time. This journal prompt is a little bit. different than the others as it is hopefully made to help calm and regain focus. Anyway, without any other rambling, here is a journal prompt during a though time.

A Journal Prompt During a Though Time.

1. What is causing you the most struggle right now?

2. Is what is causing the most struggle something you can control, or not?

3. What can you control?

4. If you have to stay in one place, what can you do to make that one place, desirable for yourself?

5. What are some things you can focus on instead?

6. What is something that you can try that is new?

7. What are your main takeaways from this experience?


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