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A Birthday Reflection

So, obviously, a big part of my life and a big part of my self-care practice is not only journaling but a reflection.

Last month was my birthday, and I turned 26 years old, which is crazy to think about sometimes, because even though I know that mathematically, I don't necessarily feel that old or even feel like an adult. Nonetheless, compared to New Years, I think that Birthdays are the perfect time to take stock of your life, set goals, and make wanted adjustments. I think that birthdays can be a more meaningful date than new years as well.

So with that, a month after my own birthday (I'm still working on my own goal setting and will soon share that here.), is a set of questions that can help you think about life, goals, and all of that jazz.

A Birthday Reflection

  1. How was the last year of your life?

  2. What were the major things, or major happenings across the last year?

  3. What was missing, what do you wish was happened instead?

  4. What is missing overall from your life?

  5. Would young you be happy with the direction of your life in the current moment?

  6. What needs to change?

  7. What are your goals?

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