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A Best Friends Guide to New Orleans :

6 Tips for a Successful Trip

Today, I am sharing with you the final installment in my Best Friend's Guide to New Orleans! For this final post, I wanted to share with you some tips from my experience.

So without further ado 6 Tips for a Successful Trip...

1. Have Cash

On a trip to New Orleans having cash is king. This is for two reasons, the first being that there are so many street performers who are looking for tips and you will want to tip them. Without having cash on hand this because something you can't do. Also, some of the things in town are cash only, such as the streetcar. No cash no streetcar, so if you want to do certain things while you are there you are going to want to make sure you have the cash to be able to do them.

2. Beware of the Irish Goodbye

One of the fun things about New Orleans is the ability you have to make instant connections with people from all of the country and the world. On our last night, Balance and I made friends with these two guys from Ireland. We even ate fried chicken with them! They suddenly up and left though without saying anything, which I soon learned is considered an Irish Goodbye.

3. If you meet a guy on a plane to New Orleans who pulls off light wash jeans, get his number.

Seriously. Get his number. You will never stop talking about him.

4. Be willing to engage with the locals

The locals of New Orleans are so friendly, welcoming, and love their city. Be willing to engage with them to learn some insider tips and tricks. Also for recommendations. Without engaging with the locals, we would have never known about Willie Mae's Scotch House.

5. While you can drink outside, you cant take your drink from place to place.

Obviously, the city is well known for being able to drink in the streets with infamous to-go cups. As awesome as this is, the one downside is you can't enter another bar while you still have a drink in hand. You either have to chug it or lose it. Which means either you are staying in one place for a while or walking up and down bourbon street.

Alright! That's it! I hope that all of my New Orleans guides can be helpful for you with your trips!

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