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A Best Friends Guide to New Orleans

5 Things you must do

And we're back at again!

So if you have been with me over the last couple of posts than you would know that I have been writing a couple of guides to New Orleans, based on my trip there in February. I'm not going to get all too rambly this time so

Without further ado 5 Things you must do in New Orleans...

1. Shop on Magazine Street

Magazine Street is a long street in the Garden District of New Orleans. (emphasis on the word long.) Now I am not completely sure where this street begins and where it ends, however, I like to believe that Blanche and I walked a good portion of it. Magazine street is really cool and gives you a view to the beauty and elegance of New Orleans, as well as see a clam part of the city in contrast to the wildness of the French Quarter. Anyway, Magazine street is a mix of residential homes, small businesses, and boutiques. You can find all sorts of cute items and clothes. (I will say the clothes are for those who fit into standard size. Midsize and plus size girlies may struggle with finding clothes here. At least in my experience.) The store featured here is this super cool miniature store. Everything in here is miniature! I was able to buy a mini version of my favorite book, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Totally cute, totally fun, and a literary souvenir for a book lover like me. Blanche, as a straight size girlie, was able to get some unique and deal worthy shopping done as well. So if you are in the exploring or shopping mood (and wearing comfortable shoes) Magazine Street is a must for you.

2. Get a tarot card reading in Jackson Square.

I knew before the plane even landed in New Orleans that I wanted to get a tarot card reading. After all, if you are going to get a tarot card reading, a town known for voodoo, seems like the best place to get one. While researching where to get tarot card readings done, we quickly found out that most of the shops you can get readings done in were expensive as can be. Way out of price range and more than we were willing to pay. Luckily, there are lots of street artists, preferences, and tarot card readers in town. One night, while traveling across Jackson Square, we ran into two tarot card readers and we were able to get readings done for $20 bucks. It was a great experience overall, even though I was incredibly awkward. The one piece of advice that I am taking on and willing to share is to get risky.

3. Explore Frenchmen Street

You cannot go to New Orleans without visiting Frenchman street. Out of every part of the city we visited, my favorite had to be Frenchmen street. Frenchmen street is slightly beyond Jackson Square and feels like something out of a movie. The late-night mist only added to that. Anyway, Frenchmen street is filled with bars that jazz music is filtering out of them. It is positively artsy as well with bookshops, artists in the street (one of them wrote me a poem!) and there is the Palace Market. The Palace Market is an open-air area with seating and lots of stands with artists selling their art. Any art lover would love this space. I loved this space and bought a piece of art. What's better than drinks, art, and jazz? Nothing.

4. Tour a plantation

Is it a trip to Lousianna complete without touring a plantation? For Blanche and I, it was not. We both knew that on this trip we wanted to tour a plantation. We ended up touring Oak Alley, and we took a company tour that provided us with bus transportation. Pro-tip, any plantation that you want to tour while in New Orleans, is about an hour away from the city itself, and we were told while an uber will bring you out to the plantation, they aren't able to bring you back. (Getting stuck on a plantation is a horror story in an of itself.) Anyway, we toured Oak Alley, and was beautiful, the trees are really pretty. We toured the slave cabins and they have a few of them where you can go inside of them. The wall featured here, was so meaningful to me because on the wall they have listed the names of the slaves who were enslaved on the plantation. Oak Alley was nice to tour and the way they have it set up was very truthful and balanced. (No glazing over history here.) A bonus of this plantation is they have alcoholic drinks you can buy to tour the big house with. If there is any place where you can use a bourbon-based drink, its a plantation.

5. Explore the Garden District

Take the streetcar named St. Charles to the Garden District for a fun tour to gaze at beautiful homes, and see Lafayette Cemetery (if you can! It was under construction while we were there.) The Garden District is gorgeous with its old home and beautiful trees. It's such a nice place to take a relaxing walk. While we were there we stopped in the Garden District Book Shop, which as a book lover is a great place to tour, and I was able to get an awesome book on French Quarter fairy tales while there. You can pay for a guided tour of the Garden District, but Blanche and I decided to alk it ourselves and enjoy the sensory while we imagined what it would be like to live in those houses. The Garden District is a must when you want to have a chill day and don't mind a. bit of exercise of course.

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