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A Best Friend's Guide to New Orleans:

10 Places That you Must Eat and Drink

Today I am continuing my Best Friend's Guide to New Orleans with 5 places that you must eat. Full disclosure here, Blanche is a bigger foodie than I am so most of these places were her choices, although a few were choices that I found on Instagram as well as asking locals for their recommendations.

So without further ado 10 Places, you must eat and drink in New Orleans...

1. Slush

So first, alcoholic slushies. I saw this place called Slush on Instagram and thought the aesthetic was cool. Plus, if you are going to drink alcoholic slushies, New Orleans is the place to do so. Our hotel was about two streets from Burbon street, and we walked right into slush and began drinking our evening away. I would totally recommend slush for drinks and a perfect treat for walking around.

2. Royal House

Our first meal was at the Royal House. Royal House is in the French Quarter and is on Royal Street. The meal here was soo good. Definitely tied for the best meal of the trip for me. I had this shrimp pasta thing and I was in love. The cool thing about this restaurant was that we were able to be seated on the balcony, and enjoy the night. Because it was towards the weekend as well there were plenty of street performers to enjoy with our meal.

3. Cafe Beignet

Beignet's are everywhere in New Orleans. Seriously. It's battle between Cafe Benigent and Cafe Du Monde and locals clearly have a favorite. (some will say Cafe Beignet others will say Cafe Du Monde it's all up to individual taste.) Here are two examples of Cafe Beignet both are in the french quarter and one is a cool outdoor park where they play live jazz music! Beignet places are pretty much open 24/7 so you can get this delicious treat any time of the day. Cafe Beignet's beignets taste more like a funnel cake.

4. Cafe Du Monde

The rival of Cafe Beneget is Cafe Du Monde! Cafe Du Monde is a classic Beneget stand. Right along the Mississippi River and across the street from Jackson Square is a blue strip tent that underneath hosts Cafe Du Monde. One tip for Cafe Du Monde is that there is no seating or hostess. Here you sit where you want and a server brings you your benegets and your coffee. The classic coffee of choice here is a cafe au lait. Here the benegets are more doughy and closer to a pastry in taste. It is a unique taste and just as different as can be from the ones at Cafe Beneget. One last tip, Cafe Du Monde, is cash only so you can't use your card here. If you're in New Orleans, you have to try both and figure out what your favorite is!

5. Irene's

Irene's was the first of the nicer restaurants that Blanche had set up reservations for. Irene's is a place where you dress up, but not as dressy as say Brennan's. Anyway, located in the French Quarter, Irene's is a beautiful restaurant with good food. For an appetizer, we had the crab dip. The crab dip is amazing and a must-have if you decide to try Irene's. I ordered the chicken and Blanche ordered the duck. The chicken did not wet my whistle in the way in which the meal at Royal House did, but I tried some of Blanche's duck and that was delicious. It was my first time ever having duck and I would recommend it. So if you are headed to Irene's get some crab dip and get some duck for a top-notch meal.

6. Snowballs

We were told by a local business owner on Magazine Street, that snowballs are a classic New Orlean's treat. We were nearby and so we choose to try them out. Side tip, Magnize street is super long with stores, homes, and schools lining the streets. (We were on two different parts of magazine street on two different days and never saw anything twice.) Snoballs, are New Orlean's version of a snow cone and let me tell you, these are hella sweet. On a hot day if you like sweet things, then a snowball is for you.

7. Brenan's

Our second reservation meal was at Brennan's. Like most of the places we went, Brenan's is also in the French Quarter. It is my understanding that Brennan's is a classic New Orleans restaurant. It was somewhat gaudy decorated, to be honest, and reminds me of the book and tv show Sweetbitter. With the old-timey decorations and the pink plushy chairs. This restaurant literally looks like something out of the 50s or 60s. Brennan's is defintely a classy joint, and a dressier outfit is a must here. Jeans and sneakers are no good. I had a shrimp meal here, and overall it did not wet my whistle and I felt the food to be a bit overpriced.

8. District Donuts

District Donuts is in the Garden District and was recommended to us by the concierge in our hotel. (He also provided a map!) So on our last full day, we wanted to head back and explore more of the Garden District, and we were told to go here. Growing up in Scranton means that I grew up around Krispy Kreme donuts, so every donut I try compares to those. District Donuts are first of all huge, (we split one.) and our delicious. In my opinion, they were a good comparison to Krispy Kreme and was oddly enough one of the least sweetest things that I ate inNew Orleans. I regret not getting another because they are so good. If you are in Garden District these are a must-try, plus District Donoughts serves other things like sliders and stuff that I didn't try.

9. Willie Mae's Scotch House

While exploring around Jackson Square we talked to a small business owner who told us that we must try the fried chicken at Willie Mae's Scotch House. Willie Mae's Scotch House (at least as we were told.), is a New Orleans staple with a lot of history. We were told that this restaurant, was one of the first integrated places in the city as well as a place where planning happened during the Civil Rights Movement. So between the thought of delicious fried chicken and lots of history, we knew we had to go. Because this is another area of the city, we ubered from the Garden District over to the restaurant. The uber driver agreed with the store owner and told us that this was some of the best fried chicken in the city. Y'all we were not disappointed


This was so good. The meal totally lived up to the hype. It was super affordable and left us with the itus. If you love fried chicken and you are in New Orleans you have to go to Willie Mae's. This is the meal that was tied with Royal House for me. Pro-tip, the best time to go is about 2-3 pm otherwise you may be waiting at least. 45 minutes for a table.

10. Arnaud's

Looking for a cute, classy, upscale, calm experience in the French Quarter? You know the complete opposite experience from Burban Street? If so, Arnaud's is your place. We had one drink here and I liked how quiet and peaceful it was compared to the rest of the French Quarter. It was also very beautifully decorated.

So have you been to New Orleans? Which of these places are you willing to try? Head over to my Instagram @lifeintheoutland and leave me a comment about it!

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