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A Best Friend's Guide to New Orleans :

4 Things to Pack for Your Trip to New Orleans

Recently, I took a trip to New Orleans with my best friend. We had a blast and were able to solidify our friendship in a whole new way. If you've been with me for a while, then you know I love the Golden Girls, on this trip my bestie, solidified her status as the Blanche to my Dorthy.

As you know I love fashion. Fashion is a form of self-care. Fashion is everything to me, so on this trip, my goal was to serve looks and conserve luggage space. (I think I was able to do that pretty well!)

Anyway, here is a list of everything you should wear in New Orleans. Including links to what I can find or at least to the store. These are non-affiliate links and most of the clothing items I wore were things that have been hanging out in my closet waiting for the right occasion. For information, we were in New Orleans mid-Febuary of 2020. The weather was warm and cloudy for the most part with a few rain showers.

Without further ado...

4 things to pack for your trip to New Orleans

1. Airport Comfies

This is the exact outfit I wore on the plane. (minus a baseball cap.) The jumpsuit is from Sitchfix and is super comfortable yet super cute so perfect for flying before dropping off bags in the hotel and rushing out to get drinks. The leather jacket is from Express they come out with versions of this jacket every year and in so many colors. I got it during a sale so watch for sales.

Day Dresses

This is my first official NOLA outfit. I thought it was going to rain so I wore my tried and true booties with the dress. (It was a mistake.) Anyway, this is another dress from Express. You can't see it here but the arms are sheer and the fabric is covered in Polka-dots. This is a piece I had in my closet since the fall. The belt is from American Eagle and I have had it for a while as well. I wore the dress with the belt in order to define my waist and turn a dress which can read as very girly and very young, to a grown woman sexy edgy look.

I wore this dress on our last full day in NOLA. This is a polka dot shirt dress from H&M which has balloon sleeves which you can't see fully here but they are dramatic and awesome. Fair warning this is a baggy dress and it is short. If you don't want your legs out and about this is not the dress for you. If you don't want a baggy fit then I would size down for reference got my normal size (XL) I brought the dress specifically for the trip and I am so glad that I did. I brought a black belt with me thinking I would belt this dress in the waist as well, but I decided to hang loose instead. By day 3 of my trip, my stomach was not feeling in the mood for a belt. These slides are from Lucy Ave Boutique I loved these they were super comfortable and affordable which if you have big feet like me you understand how good and how rare that is. (I am an 11)

Grown Woman Dressup

You'll I wore the hell out of this look. Seriously, I wore this look two of the nights we were in NOLA. So some of the restaurants are more dressy and this was my dressy look. Here we have the same leather jacket from express as well as a jumpsuit from Express. Now I have had this jumpsuit for a whole and it was just sitting in the back of my closet waiting for me to wear it and this trip gave me that chance. These shoes are also from Sitchfix

Jeans and Tees

This was my day travel look. This is also what I wore to the Oak Ally Plantation. Besides the shoes, this whole outfit is Amerian Eagle . I have owned all of these American Eagle pieces for a while and I liked the way they came together for a cute walk around look.

Alright folks, if you are heading to New Orleans anytime soon, then you definitely need. items that fit into these categories. Focusing on airport comfies, grown woman dress up, jeans and tees, and day dresses will help you to keep you packing light, simple, and stress-free.

What do you think? What would you wear on vacation?

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