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5 Ways that you are making yourself miserable

At times we all experience sadness, and sometimes great stages of sadness that last for longer than we would like them too. Some of us even experience forms of depression, and everyone at least once or twice can say that they have felt downright miserable.

Of course there are times when there are other forces at play that make these feelings a reality for us but at other times the force standing in the way between these feelings and feelings of contentment, happiness, or peace is ourselves.

So, with that I think it's time to take a look and think about the ways in which you could be making yourself miserable in your life. Below I am sharing 5 ways that you are making yourself miserable.

1 Not Enjoying the Things you Buy -- I am a shopper. I am totally open about that and shopping brings me joy. But what is the point of it if the things that I buy also aren't bringing me joy? I have a trap china tea cup form Ivey's Tea co (I am now an affelate of Iveys tea co. Click this link for shopping teas honey and sign up for the emails to get your hands on some trap tea during the next drop : https://www.ivystea.com?sca_ref=106716.vWPDdEVXu7) That is a bone china and says bad and boujee. The first thing I was told by others in my life was to put this cup up and save it and look at it because it could be worth money someday. I choose instead to take it out display it and use it. This cup brings me so much joy and i spent good money for this joy. So I ask, is there something that you have brought that you are "saving for an special occasion." or anything like that that you haven't been using that would bring you joy to do so? That may keep miserable from creeping up on you for a moment or two?

2. Not Speaking your Truth - Speaking your truth is essential to being able to live your life in a way that does not let misery settle into your bones. Read that sentence again. You have to be able to speak your truth in life even if it is only in the written form of a journal or a diary. The truth has to come out one way or another. Even better if it can come out to the person who needs to here it. Keeping truth in only allows it to grow into this ugly festering thing that eventually not only can cause misery but comes out in quips of hate.

3. Letting your Environment Affect You - At times we all live in spaces or places that we absolutely hate. Hometowns and things like that. When we are already dreading everything in our environment, neighbors, restaurants, friends, the dating scene insert whatever you want to add in here, you shouldn't be adding more pressure and more stress and more hate from your own thoughts and feelings. Listen, why make it worse?

4. Holding onto toxic relationships- When it gets down to the nitty gritty, you know who you have a toxic relationship with and who you don't have toxic relationship with. You know what people represent to you and what their roles in your life are and what they represent. But when you allow and keep allowing toxc relation ships without bundires and without change, you can be impacting your own misery.

5. Not incoperating beauty into your life - Incoperating some from of beauty into your life is important to your mental health. (Atleast I think so.) This can be beauty in whavetever way you see fit, plants, art, etc, whatever works for beauty for you should be incoperated into your life.

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