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5 Tips for finding Life in a Place that You Don't Wanna Be

Sometimes in life due to circumstance, chance, choice, or opportunity we are living within places that we don’t want too. This could be a home town, a new city, a college town, or anywhere. But they key is to live in a place where we are not allowed to or able to live the ideal life that we have painted for ourselves in our head.

When this happens we have two choices. One is to exist within this space in sadness, despair, depression, and anger. At the circumstances, at the palace, at what is missing. Which not only causes us to miss what is there in an attempt to rush through to the next part but also builds resentment and frustration. This prevents happiness, opportunity, and life. The other way is to embrace the place for what it is. While this is a process, takes time, and can be incredibly difficult, the result is happiness, the result is a lived life, instead of a paused life. We only have so much time as it is, we shouldn’t spend any of it living like we are on hold.

So Here are my 5 tips for finding life in a place that you don’t want to be.

1. Find your space within the place - This means searching out the spaces within the place that can make you feel whole or give you peace. These are the places that can be viewed as transformative. The places that make you feel like you are somewhere else and that can calm your spirit. These are the kinds of places that can make you feel empowered enough to take on the challenges of being in this unwanted place. These spaces can be anything from a park to a coffee shop so keep a look out for these spaces and notice how they make you feel.

2.Explore - Explore the place that you in. Whether this is a hometown or a new city, exploring the town could make you fall in love with it, or at least find joy with the place that you are in. At Least for a little while. Perhaps their is a small art scene or music scene anything really that works for you, and brings you joy while you are living within a place that you don’t want to be. But that’s the thing without exploring in order to find these places you will never know that they are there.

3.Try new things - Living in a place that you don’t want to be, can be an opportune time to try new things. Or the types of things that you have always wanted to try but never got the opportunity to do or never had the time to do before. These are the things that can bring you joy when spending time within this kind of place. Plus when you do finally get to the place you want to be, you’ll be a person with hobbies instead of a person who is living where they want to live but may have nothing else really going for them.

4.Embrace the experience - One of the best things you can do for yourself while living in a place that you do not want to be, is to embrace it for what it is. Embrace all the experiences of it, the good and the bad. For the things that you choose to explore and try and for the things you don’t. Value this time within a place you don’t want to be and embrace it for what it is. In the long run this can only help you grow.

5. Let it change you - Change is an inevitable part of the life process as much as people don’t want it to be. This is a plus that you can use to your advantage when living within a place that you don’t like. By embracing the place and the experiences happening to you, you can and will change and grow in ways that you didn’t think were possible to do within a place that you don’t necessarily want to be. Change also helps you keep your mind present focused instead of future focused to living within a better experience before you really can do to life circumstances.

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