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5 Tips for dealing with the Job Search

Graduating was easy...finding a job is proving to be just a bit harder.

The end of something always seems to be the fastest something goes. The last few minutes of a movie seem to fly by, the last few seconds of that dental appointment are like nothing, and the week between finishing school and graduation are like the blink of an eye. As things end they begin again and for most post-graduates that means a job or the job search.

So here are some tips for dealing with the job search in those moments when everything seems a bit too hard and life seems a little more daunting then it is.

1. Find a creative Outlet

Finding a creative outlet during this time is so important. In general we all need hobbies that keep our minds active, but when there is literally nothing else going on to keep our minds active like work, the role of an outlet is critical. How else are you supposed to keep those skills that were learned with the shiny college degree? Making the space for a creative outlet also allows room for passion projects, trying new things, trying things you have always wanted to try, as well as making a path for a job or a revenue stream.

2. Find a Healthy Task

A healthy task is also key during this time. A healthy task is one of those tasks that is good for you and makes you better. This includes things like making a healthy meals, exercise, journaling, anything that can contribute to your personal growth and help build you into a better you. This kind of task combined, with a creative outlet lay the foundation for self care and once you do get a job the things that will keep you sane while doing and help prevent burn out.

3. Positive thoughts and a positive spirit

Scrolling through indeed, waiting on phone calls, dressing up like a baby professional, and then selling yourself to a group of strangers who never call or contact you back is exhausting. That's the thing about it too, no one ever tells you how it exhausting it is to go to interview after interview for nothing to happen. No one ever talks about how utterly soul crushing it can be, which is why positive thoughts, and a positive spirit is so important. This part has to be genuine, no fake mantra stuff that someone else does or some random influencer told you to do. It has to come from within, and you have to feel it for yourself. Even when you want to sink into negative thoughts and be a cloud of darkness, you have to do your best to remain light and positive within, and do so in a way that is meaningful to you.

4. Have an Honest outlook

An honest outlook means having the ability to look inward, cut through all of the mess, cut through all of the possibilities and know what your ultimate, ideal job looks like. This ideal should be something that you can not only picture in your head, but also the thought of it should make you giddy. It should give you butterflies, and it should make you feel like you are falling in love with you future. This honest outlook is something you should be able to hold onto steadfastly.

5. Have an Open Attitude

This goes hand in hand with having an honest outlook. As much as it is important to

be able to have an honest outlook it is equally important to have an open attitude. While the honest outlook which leads to the ideal job may be the ultimate goal, it may not be what is achievable or what is even for you right now. The universe may plop what you need in your lap as a gift, and if it does, you have to be ready to take it and follow the universe where it leads.

Bonus Tip!

Have the pity party! This is a stressful time, a difficult time, insert whatever necessary adjective here. Sometimes no matter how many positive thoughts we have, no matter how many creative things you do, and how positive your thoughts are, sometimes the thing that feels the best is the pity party. So have it! Cry, stomp your feet, lament, do all of the above. Most of all do what feels right in the moment. Once it passes, you’ll be able to get right back on the path, back to the search, and before you know it, it’ll be over and its smooth sailing into adulting and into work.

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