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4 Ways to Check-in With Yourself

Previously, I posted 7 ways to know its time to check in with yourself. If you haven't seen that post yet, you can find it here, and then you can come back to this post. Before you can know the "how" you have to know the when.

Knowing the "when" is the first step, and for today's post I want to talk a little bit about the "how."

So here are 4 ways to check in with yourself when the time comes.

1. Journal - Obviously I am a huge advocate of journaling and all of the benefits that it can bring. When it's time to check in with yourself, writing it all out on the page can be essential in two key ways. The first it gives you the opportunity to get all of your thoughts and feelings about a situation out on the page. Second, it can provide you some clarity and answers as to what is causing you to be so unbalanced.

2. Talk to yourself- Are you one of those people with a running inner monlouge? Then it could be time for you to sit back and ask yourself a couple of questions. Questions like "how am I feeling? , why am I feeling this way? , what things have changed recently? Taking the time to internally ask yourself these types of questions can help reveal truths for you and provide you the clarity needed to keep moving forward.

3. Talk to someone else - Similarly to talking with yourself taking the time to talk to someone else can just as good as talking to yourself. Other people can have great insights into you and can help you to determine how to move forward. In fact, talking to someone else can even give you insights into how you changed, and may even be the catalyst for your "when."

4. Relax, Relax, Relax - Taking the time to breathe and relax can bring just as much clarity, as the other things listed above. Sometimes all you need is a moment to be and clarity may be able to come with you. Somewhere deep in your heart, you already know what you need to do in order to clear your path and move forward.

Alright! Here are my 4 tips to checing in with yourself. I hope these can help you the next time you experince a moment where you know you need to check in with yourself.

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