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4 Tips to Remaining Unbothered

Unbothered, the art of remaining cool, calm, and collected under high pressure, high stress, and toxic situations. At least that's what the word means and the action means to me as well. Remaining unbothered is an art and a skill like all others that must be practiced.

My path to ubotheredness began my freshman year as an undergraduate. Early on the back when I was still a science major, the stress started to get to me. The pressures started to get to me from the academics of the school to social issues that I was experiencing at the time. I decided in a moment to not care. But now I look back at that moment as making the choice to be unbothered. Since then I have grown in my unbothernedness and I do think it has been to my advantage. So today, I am sharting my tips on remaining unbothered.

  1. Care Less - The first step to becoming unbothered is to develop the ability to care less. There should always be an element of care in whatever you choose to do of course, but sometimes the only thing to keep you going is to let go and care less about the situation.

  2. Let go - Letting go of what you can't control is the next step. When it comes to other people it is important to remember that you can't "control" other people or their people's choices. People have the right to self-determination, a social work value that I always keep in mind in order to help me to remain unbothered.

  3. Take Emotions out of it - The goal here is not to be a cold and unemotional robot. But the key is to take the emotions out of it as much as possible. Also, take the time to combine tips two and three and be able to let go of the emotions when it begins to be a little bit too much.

  4. Shrug it off - Last but not least the biggest tip to being unbothered is the ability to be able to shrug it off and whatever needs to be shrugged off.

So, those are my four tips to remaining unbothered. I hope that you can take a tip to two from the list and incorporate them into your life and figure out what unbothered means and looks like to you.

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