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4 Tips to Protecting your vibe

Y'all protecting your vibe, your energy, your peace, your mindset is so important.

And I know I say that a lot and I talk about how so many different types of things are important. But protecting your vibe is key to being able to live your life the way you want it, and being stuck in a rut and living a life that you hate and isn't making you happy.

I'm sure you've heard about manifesting the things you want in life. And, as always, I like to keep it real. So keeping it real, means that I didn't believe in manifestation. I thought it was something that wasn't real or some hooky thing people were telling each other instead of putting in work or the knowledge that you may not be lucky enough to get the opportunities for certain things. But, when kept to smaller and realistic things (at least in my experience), it works.

I manifested my way out of a job I hated, and into a full time one that so far I love with amazing benefits. I was only able to do this by protecting my vibe. In the weeks before my job offer, I kept thinking and saying to myself and others that I would get a full-time job offer with benefits, and sure enough, I did. I was only able to do this because during the time in between I protected my vibe.

Now protecting my vibe helped with manifestation, but protecting your vibe can help with countless other things from manifestation to not getting stressed out to simply remaining calm in the face of uncertainty. So here are my 4 tips to protecting your vibe :

1. Know what vibes you want - In order to protect your vibe, you have to know what kind of vibes you want to protect.

2. Create Boundaries - In order to protect your vibe, you must have proper boundaries to block the negativity that you may face from others and yourself.

.3. Ignore the negativity - In order to protect your vibe, you must be able to ignore the negativity that comes your way or have a plan to deal with that negativity in a way that does not ruin your vibes.

4. Reinforce your vibe - Take any and every chance available to you to reinforce your vibe. To gather and add to your strengths in order to keep your vibe safe and protected.

Hopefully, with these tips, you will be able to protect your vibes. As important as these tips are, it is also important to remember to be willing to try again and to create new vibes. There will be times when you can't protect your vibes or times when you may lose your feelings, and that's okay. The key is being open and willing to start over with your vibes.

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