4 Tips for Dealing with Shyness

I am shy.

That’s it. That’s the facts and it's been a way of life for me for a while now. Honestly, since about the 5th grade. As to why the shyness overcame me Is a different story, for another day. (Let me know on Instagram if you want this back round story.) Anyways, I have experienced shyness for a good amount of time. The shyness can also cause some pretty crushing social anxiety at times as well as made me miss out on some amazing opportunities. So how do I make the most of a shy life? How do I do this, knowing that for me shyness Is a trait that I am unsure about overcoming and makes me awkward as hell? When it comes down to it and I need to overcome my shyness for a bit I dig into my bag of tricks and do what I gotta do. I’d like to share those tricks with today’s post. So.... enter my bag of tricks and hopefully one will be able to help you with an experience or moment of shyness!

4 Tips for dealing with shyness

1. 30 Seconds of Insane Courage - One technique that I like to use is what I call 30 seconds of insane courage. Basically, its a way for me to mentally hype myself up to do a task that is super important to me or to my future. I gain mental hype and go for it. 30 seconds of insane courage as a technique has proven to be useful for me and has helped me get some of the really important stuff done in my life.

2. Squeeze Toys - Just like you may need something to squeeze for anger or stress, sometimes you need one for shyness as well. Squeeze out the anger, squeeze out the shyness and then I'm good to go.

3. Fuck it Mentality - The fuck - it mentality goes along with 30 seconds of insane courage. There is a certain freedom in making the choice to say fuck it. The choice to just go for it and do something for yourself and making the decision to not care about the consequences or what others think about them. That type of freedom when it happens helps me to overpower my shyness and go right into whatever I need to do. (Helps with pubic speaking as well if we are being honest)

4. Fake it, till you make it - As a teenager, I used to surf blogs and articles looking for types to get rid of shyness or deal with being shy. One of the tips that I constantly saw was to fake it till you make it. While faking it till I made it hasn't cured my shyness, it has made it overall more bearable. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of practice.

These 4 tips help me to deal with my shyness and make it a little bit more bearable each day. It helps to lessen the negative effects that shyness has had on me because lets be honest sometimes my shyness has made me lose out on opportunities. These tips help me to gain appointees and not lose the ones in front of me. They all work out in their various combinations. Hopefully, they can help you deal with your experience of shyness as well.

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