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4 Tips for Dealing with Dating App Fatigue

Dating is hard.

Dating in the era of “the apps” is even harder.

Dating now seems that it has turned into downloading an app, putting your best selfie or selfies forward, answering some random questions, while trying to seem cute, fun, and normal in a 160 character or less bio.


Meeting a potential date has turned into a picture on the screen, swiping left if you don’t like them and swiping right if you do. This is all done based on a limited amount of information, and we grow up hearing “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but that is exactly what we do when dating on the apps.

But for better or for worse the apps are here to stay and we are all on them in some capacity, and as one of my friends would say, forced to be on them. But what happens when the swiping, hoping for a match. And sending the perfectly flirty message (or waiting to receive one) gets a little old?

When things get a little too boring, a little too tedious, a little too much effort for a measly date. Not that it’s always bad because we all know someone who has met someone off of the apps, but sometimes we need a break, and experience what I like to call App Fatigue.

So when these times come around and you are in the midst of app fatigue, try out these tips for dealing with it.

1. Take a break - For a couple hours or days or even weeks or months, whatever you so choose, stop the swiping. Seriously, give it up. Stop the endless left-right-left, and pay attention to some of the other things in your life. Or some of the other apps on your phone.

2. Go to a new place - Take some time to explore what is going on around your town. Find a place that you have never been too before or even find a brand new event. This will get you off of the app and into the world. Maybe then you can meet new people!

3. Do more of your hobby - Instead of spending more time than one would be willing to admit swiping left and right, instead take that time do your hobby or whatever you like do in your free time. Give extra time to you art, to your journaling, or to your self-discovery. Dedicate the time spent looking for someone outward, and dedicate it to what is on the inside and what makes you feel good.

4. Reevaluate what you want and your app presences - There are dozens of mainstream dating apps, and I am sure plenty of others ones that no one has really ever heard of or that exist under the radar. Anyway, while trying to recover from the fatigue, take some time to think about what apps you are on, which ones you should be on, and narrow it all down to one or two.

**Pro tip, if you exist in any type of professional sense try to choose the apps in which you won’t see your clients or potential clients on.**

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