3 Ways to Start Preparing for 2020

You'll, it's almost 2020! New years are always exciting, but somehow this new year is a bit different. Something seems a bit more magical, a bit more like anything can happen because we are starting a brand new decade.

So before new years, resolutions get in the way and life kind of settles, and while the magic of a new decade is in the air, now is the time to start preparing for 2020. Now of course even the best laid plans can unravel in a minute, and an over-planned life isn't necessarily the most fun life, but having a loose idea of what you want to happen, a loose plan of what to follow can be great in helping you stay the course and not letting life get in the way.

With that, here are my 3 tips to start preparing for 2020.

1. Map a Plan

An overdone plan, especially this early on can backfire. The best and most detailed plan can end up a broken plan, and it can be hard to stick to it. At this point still being a few months out from the big 2020, the best thing you can have for yourself is a mapped out plan. A mapped out plan, is having an idea, a map, a guidebook of what you want to achieve for yourself in 2020. This is something that you will be able to flesh out later and make into more official plans and goals.

2. Get Organized

Seriously, get organized and not the stereotypical way of being organized either. Not buying a bunch of supplies to feel organized or to look organized, but what you need to be organized about your plan. What you need in order to be able to flesh out the ideas in your map and make them into tangible goals.

3. Reflect

Here is the thing about life. Lessons will appear and keep appearing until you learn the lessons that you need to learn. In addition life and the universe itself is constantly sending out various messages to you and its up for you to see them for what they are and apply them to your life. Part of preparing for 2020, means taking a look at your life over the course of the last year and try to see the lessons that you've learned. Take the lessons, hear the messages, and interrupt them from you and your life. Take all of this, and apply it 2020, so you know what you need to take into the new year with you.

So here are my 3 steps to begin preparing for 2020. How are you planning for the new year?

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